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Album Review: Pentimento – ‘I, No Longer’

Inside The Sea was the EP that really shifted Pentimento from the tried and tested waters of pop-punk into more aggressive and snappy territory. While their new album, I, No Longer, is much softer and delicate in terms of musical pace and rhythms, it still feels like an organic growth plotted from said EP. What’s most recognizable is that the punk aspect of the band is mostly gone and they’re focused on an alternative style that really feels like a mash-up of two of my favorite bands, Jimmy Eat World, and newcomers, Sorority Noise. What ensues is a deeply personal and connective album that shows the maturity of friends that rarely misses the mark, no matter how they temper or ignite their sound.

Most of the songs feel like breakup songs or at least the dissolution of relationships. Melodic hooks and alternative riffs, as I mentioned above, lead the formative display of Pentimento’s quiet-to-loud dynamic on so many tunes. Twinkly and telling a la what Jim Adkins and JEW do. “Stuck Forever” and “My Solution Is In The Lake” are prime examples of this – morose, catchy and made for long road trips where your most vulnerable and pensive mindset emerges. While the lyrics seem bleak and brooding, they do pack a lot of optimism and remind me of Sorority Noise’s Joy Departed from earlier this year. “Gateway” signifies this and in fact, quite a bit of the back end off I, No Longer follows this route.

Depressive jams but like I said, spots of hope off Jeremiah Pauly’s lyrics (and on-spot, clean and polished delivery on the mic). Overall, it’s a drastic shift for a band that’s clearly looking to the near future with much more introspection and contemplation which punk just doesn’t seem to fit at the moment. But rest assured, when they need to rough it again, they can. And pretty fucking well. Recommended.

3.5 / 5

Listen to I, No Longer, below

Band Spotlight
Introducing Midwest Punk Act: The Distractions (full-album stream)

Melodic punk fans looking for a combination of Midwestern pop-punk sensibilities and 90′s nostalgia, get stoked cuz I’m handing you this little gem on a silver platter. South Bend, IN based punk band, The Distractions have just released their second full-length “Union” through Smoking Cat Records and if you haven’t heard of them yet, don’t worry, neither had I until just now. That’s no reflection on their talent though. I guarantee you’ll dig them 30 seconds into the first track so plug your headphones in and get listening below.

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The Gap Year (brazilian melodic punk) releases new video for “Power to Decide”

Brazilian melodic punk act The Gap Year has released a music video for their song “Power to Decide”. The song is off of their debut EP “Over Some Power Chords” which was released in April of 2015.

You can check out the video below.

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Turbonegro release music video for new anthemic single “Hot For Nietzsche”

Legendary Scandinavian punk rockers Turbonegro have released a brand new single in the form of an anthemic rocker titled “Hot For Nietzsche” and you can check out a music video for it below.

Here’s what the band had to say about the track:

A lot of people in our focus groups have told us one thing: “We need a BIG rock anthem with great big windmill riffs, foot-stomping drums and lyrics about partying almost to the extent of death.” We listened. And delivered. Here it is, a big-beat beer-soaked barroom brawler boogie celebrating living life to its fullest, on the edge: Hot For Nietzsche.

Snag yourself a download of “Hot For Nietzsche” here.

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The Barefoot Sailors stream single “Davy Jones’s Locker” off upcoming 7-inch

Ex-members of The Dead Sparrows recently took DanO’s The Barefoot Sailor project and turned it into a full working band. The Barefoot Sailors are now streaming and offering a free download of their new song “Davy Jones’s Locker”, which will be part a 7″ they are releasing early 2016.

Give it a listen below (it’s good!).

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The Greatest Sons stream new EP “Play Through The Pain, Sing Through The Strain”

Vancouver based The Greatest Sons have released a new EP entitled “Play Through The Pain, Sing Through The Strain” and made it available to stream in full. The release serves as a follow up to their debut EP “We’ll Take The Road” which came out in 2013.

You can give the album a listen below.

“Play Through The Pain, Sing Through The Strain” is digitally available on Bandcamp and will soon be available on vinyl.

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J. Navarro (Suicide Machines) forms new ska band J. Navarro & The Traitors, streams 2 tracks off upcoming album

A year ago, Jay Navarro (Suicide Machines, Break Anchor, Hellmouth) and Eric Abbey (1592, Abbsinthe) came together to write some ska and reggae tunes. After a short while the two had a bunch of songs and decided that it would be a great idea to put together a band. They did and with Arubis as the third vocalist it all began. Ken Hass (Reverend Guitars), Jason Millbauer ( Bad Assets), Scott Vesey (Trace the Veins) and Steve Kachanowski (Telegraph) joined up and the Traitors were born.

A couple jams later and the band went into Mount Doom studio to record this debut. Asbestos Records will be putting out the full 9 tracks that have been by Agent Jay ( Slackers, Crazy Baldhead). Enjoy the first listen of tracks “Deeper” and “Water” below.

Stay Tuned for the full-length “Criminals and Lions” out of Asbestos Records soon.

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Free EP Download: SAGO (hardcore) – “City-Wide Garbage Strike”

Toronto hardcore punk act SAGO have recently emerged on to the scene with the release of their debut EP City-Wide Garbage Strike. If you’re looking for fast, raw, in your face hardcore then be sure to give this a listen below.

If you dig it you can download the release for free over at their Bandcamp page.

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Anti-Flag release 6 rare 7-inches digitally and offers entire A-F Records catalogue for free/PWYC download

Pittsburg punk veterans Anti-Flag have decided to celebrate Black Friday a little differently this year. In conjunction with A-F Records, the band has released digital rips for 6 rare 7-inches on the label’s Bandcamp page. This includes the Kill Kill Kill, Emigre, and splits with Bad Genes, Against All Authority, Obnoxious, and God Squad. These 6 releases along with the entire A-F Records catalogue have been set to free or pay what you can download.

The label and band offered the following statement in an email received by most Bandcamp users:

“black friday is bullshit. for a lot of reasons. so this year i wanted to do something a little different.

i’ve put up 6 super rare anti-flag 7-inches on our bandcamp page and made them available for free / pay what you can download. these are vinyl rips, captured directly from the records themselves. ripping these records was actually one of the first things i did when we re-launched A-F Records a few years ago, and i’m stoked that you all can hear them, they are punk as fuck.

The rest of the A-F Records catalog is also available for free / pay what you can download. that’s over 60 records. if you can afford to throw a couple of bucks to a release or two, know that you’re directly supporting independent punk rock music, and every single one of your dimes is going to our artists and also future releases. if you can’t afford that, that’s cool too. download some music. be inspired. let punk rock change your life. start a band.

head here to download them:

we are thankful for this community and the solace that we’ve found here. be good to one another, we are all that we have.

peace and love,

stowe, #2, head, justin, pat, jesse, code, massie, & steve

p.s. corporate rock is still a fucking scam”

As mentioned before, you can head right to the A-F Records bandcamp page and get your fill of punk music. Check it all out here and get it before it’s gone!



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Hellbent (hardcore) stream new EP

Canadian hardcore band Hellbent are now officially streaming their newest EP EP2 in full over at Bandcamp. Recorded in 3 days early in 2015, the new EP finds the band on a new and aggressive level but still keeping to their classic hardcore grit. They will also be playing a few Canadian shows in support of this new release. Take a listen to the EP and see those dates below.

EP2 is the group’s sophomore release and serves as a follow-up to their 2014 self-titled EP.

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Music Video: Rockets Dead Glare – “Error of My Ways”

Orange County punks Rockets Dead Glare have premiered a new music video for their song “Error of My Ways”. This is the second video from the band for tracks off of their self-titled debut full-length. Check out the video below.

The band made their debut with the release of this album in December of 2014.

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Live: Good Riddance performing “Weight of the World” and “Running On Fumes” in Montreal

Santa Cruz punk legends Good Riddance played a show in Montreal, Quebec back on October 1st at the Corona Theatre on one of their recent tours. The folks over at RAW CUT Media filmed a couple of their songs and have put it on YouTube for everyone to enjoy. The videos capture the band playing “Weight of the World”, which was released on the group’s second full-length called A Comprehensive Guide to Moderne Rebellion, and “Running On Fumes”, which was released on their latest full-length called Peace in Our Time”. Check out both videos below.

The band’s new album Peace In Our Time was released on April 21st through Fat Wreck Chords. Our review of the record can be read here.

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