The Menzingers are the latest guests on Mike Herrera’s podcast

The Menzingers are the latest guests on the Mike Herrera Hour podcast. The MxPx man chats to Tom May and Joe Godino from the band on episode 220 of the show. 

You can listen to this episode – and the entire back catalogue of shows – on Mike Herrera’s website.

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Bowling For Soup announce UK tour

Texan pop-punks Bowling For Soup have announced a big UK tour for February 2018. Tickets for the tour went on sale this morning on the band’s website, with general release on other sites from Wednesday. The support is The Aquabats and Army of Freshmen. The band will perform the album “Drunk Enough To Dance” in its entirety for the tour.

Full tour dates are below.

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Album Review
Album Review: Limp Wrist – ‘Facades’

Facades is Limp Wrist’s first collection of new songs in almost a decade and their first full length album in even longer- if Discogs is to be believed, they released their self-titled LP in 2001(!). It’s everything that you would want from a new Limp Wrist album. If you’re unfamiliar with the band (particularly if you’ve only been involved with punk rock for a handful of years), they, and I’m quoting vocalist Martin Sorrondeguy here, “put the ‘-core’ back in ‘queercore.’” Their brand of hardcore is similar to the way that Void and Cülo play hardcore: loud and vicious. Mix in the current political climate in America, and you’ve got a recipe for a great album.

Lyrically, Facades is just as sharp as the music, hitting topics that range between generational gaps (“experiences so old, what could old queens possibly know?” from “Wrap Yourself In Me”) and sexual identity (“men talk about my maleness and how I tamper with the line” from “They Tell Me”), to closeted politicians (“pass laws that harm and destroy / filthy mind- pretend to be straight / closeted you’re falling apart” from “Don’t Want You”) and the privileges of hetero culture (My Spanish is rusty, but I’m pretty sure that’s what “Como Vos” touches on). In one of the album’s more uplifting moments (if you can call it that), “Thick Skin” features advice to any young LGBTQI listeners.

In an abrupt twist, the album’s B-side takes a complete tonal and stylistic shift. The album’s final three tracks, “In My Mind,” “Dead Artist,” and “Systems in Place” are electronic-driven tunes, more akin to what you might expect at a rave in the early hours in the morning. They’re slow burners (if you’re throwing a dance party, don’t start with these tracks), falling somewhere between techno and maybe industrial? I don’t actually know, I’m very much out of my wheelhouse here. But that’s what makes the inclusion of these tracks great- it provides the listener, likely some dumb punk kid such as myself, with a way to see- err…hear- a different aspect of gay subcultures that can’t be expressed through Limp Wrist’s usual style.

Regardless of the genre that Limp Wrist decide to play, Facades is the type of punk album that we need in this day and age. We’re lucky that they’re back.

4.5 / 5

You can stream Facades below.

RIYL: Cülo, G.L.O.S.S., VOID

Spanish Love Songs announce October dates (including Fest)

Los Angeles punks Spanish Love Songs are to tour throughout October, culminating in their appearance at Fest. The band play a series of dates in the west before heading over there at the end of the month. Support for all dates is the UK’s Ducking Punches.

Full details of the tour are below.

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Cheap Perfume (punk) release video for “It’s OK (To Punch Nazis)”

Feminist punk band Cheap Perfume have released a video for their single “It’s OK (To Punch Nazis)”, check it out below. The band created the song in response to debates on whether it was justified for people to use violence in certain situations; an argument that arose after a number of clashes took place this year between anti-fascists and the alt-right.

Band member No had this to say:

“After Richard Spencer got punched, the video was being gleefully shared on the Internet. Some people that we know would say, ‘Well, I’m not a fan of Richard Spencer, but it’s not okay to punch anyone.’ There were a few people saying it was never right. I just couldn’t believe that people were saying that, after I’d heard Richard Spencer speaking on several shows and newscasts and NPR, and he’s clearly espousing the exact views as the Nazis did. We were really confused that certain people we know seemed really sorry that Richard Spencer got punched in the face. As someone who has studied nonviolence and used to really push that home in the yoga classes that I teach, I really started thinking that there is a gray area, and there are exceptions, and one exception is Nazis.”

Proceeds from the single are being donated to The Heather Heyer Foundation. The foundation was set up in honor of the activist who lost her life after being hit by a car at an anti-fascist rally in Charlottesville earlier this year.


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Divided Heaven announces west coast tour dates with Brian Marquis

Los angeles acoustic-punk musician Divided Heaven has announced west coast tour dates with Brian Marquis.

You can check out the tour dates and locations here.

Divided Heaven, the project of Jeff Berman, is finishing up the recording of a new album with Charlie Stavish.  He last released Youngblood in March 2014.

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Hightower (melodic punk, France) stream new album “Club Dragon”

Parisian melodic punks Hightower are allowing fans to stream their latest full-length release. The record is called Club Dragon and it comprises of ten tracks of high-octane punk with buckets of melody. Check it out below.

Club Dragon is the second full album from the band. Their previous was the 2014 release, Sure. Fine. Whatever.

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After The Fall (skate punk, NY) announce Japanese tour dates

Albany based skate punk four-piece After The Fall have announced a run of tour dates in Japan. The band will hit up three different cities in early December over the course of five gigs. We’ve listed the Japan shows below and included their tour poster for US dates in the meantime.

After The Fall’s latest release was the 2015 full-length Dedication.

Demon Waffle (ska, TN) stream full-length “Drink Your Dinner”

Tennessee based ska unit Demon Waffle are allowing fans to stream their entire latest release. Entitled Drink Your Dinner, the record features ten tracks of innovative ska sounds, drawing influence from a range of sources including reggae, soul, and funk.

If you like your ska-punk with a strong sense of originality, you can do much worse than checking out Drink Your Dinner below.

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Padmé (skate punk, Turkey) stream video for “Sattın Kendini”

Turkish skate punkers Padmé are streaming a video for their track “Sattın Kendini”. Taken from the band’s 2017 album Bugün, the meaning behind the song’s lyrics is unclear to the our culturally challenged staff (it’s in Turkish, of course). The visuals, however, hint strongly at a politicised message and the music flat-out rips.

Check out the video below, and head over to Padmé’s Bandcamp to hear the rest of the record.

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88 Fingers Louie announce Tropical Trainwreck Tour of California/Hawaii

Legends of the scene 88 Fingers Louie have announced their intentions to tour California and Hawaii next January. They’ll be joined by Sic Waiting, a veteran melodic hardcore band hailing from Oceanside, CA. We’ve listed the dates below, and included the tour poster.

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Dead Ending (hardcore, IL) announce full-length “Shoot The Messenger”

Chicago-based Dead Ending have announced that they will release their latest full-length album Shoot The Messenger on November 17 2017. Featuring members of successful Chicago bands such as Alkaline Trio, Rise Against, Articles of Faith, and Ensign, and with former tracks sporting titles “Class War” and “Ivanka Wants Her Orange Back”, the release promises to be a deeply political one.

Previous efforts from the band have been released through Bridge Nine, however, this time the band will work with Alternative Tentacles to bring their music to the public.


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