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Me Rex

The U.S. members of this team asked Team Europe to take over this month’s feature. We weren’t really listening when they explained to us why, but we vaguely remember something about a big orange Cheeto trying to take away their healthcare, forcing them to move offices into an underground bunker wallpapered with bubble wrap. We didn’t really care until we heard that we can basically do anything we want to this thing. We DO love to shove our more sophisticated European culture down everyone’s throat on every occasion we get. Since Abba and Milli Vanilli weren’t on Bandcamp, we found you five European bands that are. Check ’em all out below!

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Myelin (Ex-Apologies, I Have None) stream new single ‘Horror’

London (UK) based sad ensemble Myelin is streaming a brand new single. ‘Horror’ is the second track taken from the band’s debut ep “Reservoirs”, out August 4th via German quality label Uncle M (The Smith Street Band, Anti-Flag, Boysetsfire).

You can check out ‘Horror’ right here.

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Wolfbeast Destroyer (Crust Punk) stream new split with This Ends Here

I’ve only been writing for Dying Scene for a short time, but if you look through my posts you will see I have a passion for real DIY hardcore punk. I’m from a small town in England called Boston. These days there are not many good things to say about the place, but once upon a time it was home to a legendary punk venue: The Indian Queen. Sadly those days are gone, but local band Wolfbeast Destroyer are keeping the legacy alive by producing awesome d-beat punk.

These lads have been at it for a while now in various bands and each one seems to get better. There latest split with This Ends here is no different, with brutal vocals, thrashing drums and the odd catchy guitar riff thrown in for good measure. It hits you hard and leaves you wanting more. If your a fan of crusty d-beat then you should defiantly give it a listen below.

They will be playing at London’s Fuk Reddin Festival next month alongside bands such as Discharge, The Domestics, AOS3 and a lot more. Last time I saw Wolfbeast Destroyer play it ended with a concussion and a trip to hospital that left me with no memory of the show! So take care in the pit folks as they are defiantly a band you want to remember seeing.

You can pick up all their releases for free on bandcamp. But if you can, help them out with a few quid, they’re a lovely bunch!

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Dave Hause streams his latest music video “The Flinch”

Singer Songwriter act Dave Hause is streaming his latest music video “The Flinch”.  The song is from his latest album “Bury Me In Philly”. Watch it below.

In the video we get to see a young Dave Hause go from listening to a living room record player to playing a sold out rock show. The video, which was directed by Mike Gill, stars Dave Hause’s nephew Judah, as a young Hause and features live footage from Houses’ Free At Noon performance from earlier this year.

Dave will soon begin his tour with Beach Slang and Tiger Army. Check out the dates here.

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Sled (Formerly Pinhole Down) stream new single “Wrong” from upcoming album “A Better You”

Jacksonville skate-punks Sled are streaming a new song from their upcoming album “A Better You”. The track is called “Wrong” and you can check it out below.

The LP will be released on September 15th via Bird Attack Records and will be the band’s first full length album. You can pre-order your copy on July 28th from their bandcamp page.

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Counterparts (Melodic Hardcore) stream music video for new song “No Servant Of Mine”

Melodic hardcore punks Counterparts are streaming a new music video for their single “No Servant Of Mine”. Check it out below.

Counterparts will release their brand new album “You’re Not You Anymore” on September 22nd via Pure Noise Records.

The band will be starting their Canadian tour on September 14th with Comeback Kid, Gideon and Stray From The Path. Check out the dates below.

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Eat Dirt stream music video for their single “.48”

The mysterious London punk act Eat Dirt are streaming a music video for their single “.48”. Check it out below.

Speaking about the track, Eat Dirt’s vocalist said:

“The song is about growing out of the party life, and not being angry any more. And the struggle of trying to find something to be angry about. Like social media “influencers” and sensationalist journalism”.

Eat Dirt formed in 2016 but it is unclear yet who is in the band. The only information is that they are made up from members of previously well established UK bands.

The mystery will soon be revealed when they play their first show this Sunday, 30th July at The Sebright Arms in Bethnal Green, London supporting Fights And Fires.

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The Fur Coats (Pop Punk) stream music video for “When Will You Die?”

Texas pop-punk trio The Fur Coats are streaming a music video for their charmingly named song “When Will You Die?”. Watch it below.

The rather strange video fits perfectly with the rather strange topic of the song. The Fur Coats guitarist/singer Marc Ruvolo had this to say on the subject matter:

“On this one I’m singing from the point of view of a beetle as he wonders how long it will be until the annoying human race finally kill themselves off. Everyone knows that the patient, ever-watching insects will one day re-inherit the earth.”

The track is from their recently released album “Gumballs in the Meritocracy” which came out on June 6th.

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Porn Bloopers stream “Birds” from upcoming album “Blooper Reel”

Seattle garage punk act Porn Bloopers are streaming a track from their upcoming album “Blooper Reel”. You can listen to the track called “Birds” below.

“Blooper Reel” will be released on August 4th and will be the band’s second release on Seattle label Den Tapes.

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360 FLIP (Skate-Punk) stream new album “Peace on Earth?”

Venice skate-punk act 360 FLIP are streaming their new album “Peace On Earth?” Check it out below.

“Peace On Earth?” was released on June 25th.

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Success (punk) announce dates for We Still Believe Tour

Seattle punks Success have announced dates for their “We Still Believe Tour”. It includes shows with Illinois pop-punk act The Copyrights.

Vocalist Aaron Rev commented on the tour:

“We’ve been working on the new record, and we’re stoked to get out and play some of the material off of it. What better way to do that then going down the West Coast with our buddies, The Copyrights?! We packed up our lumberjack outfits, picked up Bigfoot from the mountains, and we’re hauling him down the coast with us.”

You can find the tour dates below.

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Learn about the Chinese punk scene – watch documentary ”Never Release My Fist’” about punk pioneers SMZB

I have been lucky enough to travel quite extensively; one of the things I enjoy the most is checking out the local punk scene wherever I am. I lived in China for several years and this post is about a very important band in the history of the Chinese punk scene.

“Never Release My Fist” is a documentary about Chinese punk pioneers SMZB, it was released in December 2016 but for some reason I have only just come across the full stream, which you can watch below.

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