Video: Crown the Empire presents Full Circle Tour #2: Andy’s 21st Birthday

Texas hardcore act Crown The Empire have released a new video of tour footage, and you can check it out below.

The video shows footage of the band onstage, as well as fan footage and a musical intermission showing how the band spent singer Andy Leo’s birthday.

Crown the Empire most recently released The Resistance:  Rise of the Runaways, which came out last July on Rise Records.

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Pirates Press to re-release The Lancasters’ “Alexander & Gore”

Pirates Press Records announced today that they will re-release Alexander & Gore, an influential oi! album from The Lancasters, a Vancouver street punk band whose members went on to found Bishops Green.  In fact, you may have heard a handful of The Lancasters’ songs performed by Bishops Green, but this is the first time that the alum will be pressed since 2003, re-mastered and on vinyl.

You can check out the track listing below, as well as some tour dates in which Bishops Green will perform Alexander & Gore.

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The Siknotes release “Cruisin’ for a Boozin’” on Morning Wood Records

The Siknotes new album, Cruisin’ for a Boozin,’ came out today on Morning Wood Records.  We already brought you the album stream back in March, but in case you missed it, you can check it out below.

This is The Siknotes’ first release since the band took a hiatus in 2004.


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Broadside posts video for “A Light in the Dark” (acoustic)

Virginia pop-punk act Broadside unplugged temporarily to record an acoustic rendition of the song “A Light in the Dark,” and you can check it out below.

The song can also be found on the band’s latest release, Old Bones, which came out on Victory Records earlier this month.

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General News
Less Than Jake announce details for Wake and Bake Weekend VIP package

We already brought you some news about Less Than Jake‘s annual Wake and Bake Weekend, which will take place this year on September 5th ang 6th in Gainesville, Florida.  VIP tickets are on sale today, and the band has announced what goodies the lucky punks who get them will receive, including first dibs to sing karaoke, a limited edition poster, and a guided tour of Gainesville focusing on sites important to the band.

You can find out more and order tickets here.

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Lexington Field (folk punk) will release new album on East Grand Records

San Diego’s fiddle-centric folk punk act Lexington Field will release their upcoming album, Greenwood, on the East Grand Record Company label.  The album drops on June 23rd.

You can check out the second track, “The Hitchhiker’s Guide Out of Suburbia,” below.

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DS Exclusive
Punk Rock Bowling: Night One – GBH (Country Club) and Street Dogs, 7 Seconds (Country Saloon)

Night one of Punk Rock Bowling presented the first set of challenging decisions. The club show lineups seem to be getting better year after year, sometimes rivaling the actual festival lineup. After strategizing with the DyingScene crew, I B-lined it to the LV Country Saloon to check out the remainder of the FU’s’ set, Street Dogs, and 7 Seconds. Street Dogs played one of the better sets I have seen in awhile, and I was stoked – Punk Rock Bowling had officially began.

No time to reflect though, for as soon as I got my 7 Seconds shots, I ran over to the Fremont Country Club to catch the legendary GBH. Infa-Riot and Abrasive Wheels had opened up for the Brits, but since I had seen them two days before in San Francisco, I opted to see the Boston boys instead.

Other bands forced to miss that night included Manic Hispanic, Me First and The Gimme Gimmes, Anti-Social, The Applicators, and Evacuate. Always a cost-benefit analysis, and there would be many more tough decisions to come over the weekend.

Have a look at the show shots from night one’s club shows below.

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Violent Affair will release 7″ on June 13th

Oklahoma City hardcore/street punks Violent Affair are releasing the first in a series of 7″ records on June 13th.  The first installment in the “Anthems of Defiance in a Dying World” series will feature four tracks, and you can see the track names below.

We’ll keep you posted as more details come out about the series.

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Iron Reagan release bonus track, “The Sentence is Death”

Virginia hardcore punks Iron Reagan just released “The Sentence is Death,” which is a bonus track off of their most recent album, The Tyranny of Will.  You can listen to the song here.

The Tyranny of Will was released last year on Relapse Records.  Iron Reagan will head out on a tour of the U.S. and then head over to Europe, and you can find all of those dates here.

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Bracket guitarist Angelo Celli announces solo project

Angelo Celli, the guitarist of California pop-punk band Bracket, has a new solo project, and  you can check out the track “There’s Poison in Your Heart” below.  Celli has promised to release one new song per month for an indefinite length of time. As Celli says, “I plan on going for a while.”  At the end, he may release the material as a solo album.

If you like what you hear, you can follow Celli on Facebook and BandCamp.

Bracket most recently released Hold Your Applause in 2014 via Head2Wall Records.

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Rebuilder streams new album “Rock & Roll in America”

Boston pop-punk act Rebuilder is streaming their brand-new album, Rock & Roll in America, in ints entirety.  You can listen to it now here, or else you’ll be stuck waiting til the official release date on June 2nd.

Rebuilder will release the 11-track album on Panic State Records.

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Album Review
Album Review: After the Fall – “Dedication”

I can hem and haw for hours about the stagnation of punk rock due to its skate punk fueled commercial heights. It’s hard to love a genre that seems hellbent on oversaturating itself every seven years. For every NOFX, Strung Out, or Lagwagon there’s an army of abandoned Facebook pages for local bands that could play the chords but not write the songs. There’s exceptions, and when new blood comes with new ideas in tow, it can be thrilling.

I approached Dedication with some reluctance, but the tragic backstory pulled me into a first listen. The album is a tribute to founding member Brian Peters who lost his battle with cancer in October of 2013. It’s heavy stuff and After the Fall don’t shy away from the subject matter. They don’t treat it as marketing fodder to bring in new listeners, inevitably excited about a chance to wallow perversely in another’s grief; they never disengage from their theme and they examine it thoroughly through every angle. Dedication sounds like an album written in a dark time and its focused nature quells cynical concerns that it’s anything but a labor of love.

After the Fall craft Dedication as a punk rock jog through the stages of grief. “Reflection” makes good on its name with plain spoken reflection that comes across as painfully sincere. After the Fall is a melodic hardcore band, and where flowery metaphors fail, a loud and heartfelt “we’ll miss you so fucking much” does just fine.

Dedication really comes through as a meta-meditation of punk rock as an expressive medium. Hearing how After the Fall use punk as a method of coping with tragedy, along with how they use the genre’s hallmarks as a color pallette to put their feelings to canvas is pretty fascinating. Half minute songs are structural to hardcore, and here they use it on “Condolences,” as a simple shout out to the suffering felt by Brian Peters’ parents. The song is short, but feels necessary. It’s one of the ten, but it gives the impression of a mind shattered by grief acknowledging that Peters’ passing was felt beyond the voices on the album.

“Twenty Nine” is a poignant and angry song. Lyrics like, “it’s so fucked up this is the end for you, I’m still in denial of the truth” juxtapose to the jarringly unsentimental: “close your eyes and go to sleep forever, you will never wake up again.” It illustrates perfectly the rage that becomes intertwined with sadness, becoming so twisted that it can’t help but be aimed at the ones you love, no matter the intentions. The line is also an interesting usage of the irreverence that pumps the blood through punk rock’s veins (as previously stated, the two layers of appreciation on Dedication are fascinating). There’s a war being fought in those words, between the artform and the very real pain of loss.

Dedication sits heavy on the chest no matter how many times you’ve listened to it. For a lot of us, punk rock is all we know, and we know it inside and out. We know the bands, the chords, and the words may as well be tattooed on our tongues. But, we forget that it’s a tool as much as an art. It empowers us with a way to react. Dedication is ten songs of beautiful reaction.


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