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All Dinosaurs

All Dinosaurs
Hometown: Cleveland, OH, USA Current Label: A-F Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Gib - Guitar, Vocals
Bo - Guitar, Vocals
Ghem Dem - Bass, Vocals
Woe - Drums, Vocals

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ALL DINOSAURS, a four piece outfit from Cleveland, Ohio, strive to reconnect with the integrity and work ethic missing in music today. Uniting an uncompromising display of carefully crafted talent, creativity, grueling riffs and pounding rhythms in order to project a warm, welcomed, refreshing sound; the band strongly opposes what has contemporarily been bought and sold as “Modern Rock & Roll.” Dinos are unapologetically poignant as well as fervently driven to curb the formulaic structure of obediently successful bands. The brain child of a high school friendship: ALL DINOSAURS have gone through several line-up transformations that would surely have crumpled less dedicated musicians, yet proved to advance the group’s stead-fastness, stick-to-it-of-ness, and tenacity. Dinosaurs are no more than a polite group of close friends bound by musical compatibility determined to show the world that music is in fact ART and not a commodity, bands can STILL knock you off your ass, talent is NOT proven on the internet, and that the world will benefit from relinquishing its arms to take up extraterrestrial exploration. Listen and be free. Thank you.


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