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Beautiful Sundays

Beautiful Sundays
Hometown: Buenos Aires, AR Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown
Band Members: Tecco - bateria
Diego - bajo
Fero - guitarra
Werni - guitarra y hernan
Auf de maur - voz..

Beautiful Sundays Bio:

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Breaking the limits of the possible is extremely necessary in capitalist society we live in today. Everything points to individuality, to save oneself. Beautiful Sundays born a summer of 2010 with the idea of ​​breaking with this logic, to transmit values ​​of unity and positive energy.
"Things are not, are well ... and we have to change. I smiled, screams you have to scream and Do it yourself "These are some of the messages transmitted by the band. Previous musical experiences of a group of friends decided to join and start composing short, fast and direct songs that express love and rebellion. Be my guest was born the first single of the band, which consisted of a mini cd with 3 songs of love that gave rise to the first tour of the band with which different neighborhoods of Buenos Aires has toured throughout the first year of life. Looking convey ideas of change not from the speech but from the concrete acts, the band promoted a series of festivals in which different artists with the idea of ​​recourse against gender violence, the legalization of abortion and the police repression was convened.
In this context it is born the second ep of the band called "about me" with 3 new songs with a distinctly pop-punk profile. Both EPs are published by psychotic girl records.
Then xdeterminaciónx Records released the first official album of the band called "catharsis on a beautiful Sunday" which currently is exhausted ... Beautiful sundays has toured countries of Latin America performing in Brazil, Uruguay, playing that disco.En 2013 Four seasons undertake the tour that had them playing in different districts and provinces of Argentina, then tour a total of 40 concerts were held throughout 2013. Already in 2014, he published "tangled thougths about you" second official album of the band .. stamps from around the world gathered in Europe, USA, Latin America, Japan, a total of 21 stamps edited in three formats the disk, vinyl 12 ", CD and tape.
This disc allows them to perform the "chats tour d'amour" the most extensive tour by the band, which leads first to Europe for a total of 20 concerts in 8 countries of the old continent .. returning to local concerts the drive runs in the three formats and decides to manufacture a flexi disc 7 "beside the fallen sister band, self-managed and combative of Buenos Aires, and in 2014 the band closing facing the last part of the tour and playing Paraguay in Posadas the cities of Asuncion and Ciudad del este..En Currently the band is preparing what will be his third studio album.
With influences that pass through The Smiths, The Cure, and fun people lemonheads the band is formed by: Teco (drums), Diego (bass), Fero (Guitar), Werni (Guitar) and Hernan auf Maur (vocals). Contact and friendship comunicate to or listen to them on
sundays beautiful greets and sends them flowers and good vibes to all !!!

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