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Condition Oakland

Condition Oakland
Hometown: Ashland, PA Current Label: No Less Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Tyler Troutman - Vocal/Guitar
Dan Campbell - Bass/Backing Vocals
Zack Houser - Keyboard
Billy Jusinski - Drums

Condition Oakland Bio:

Condition Oakland is a country folk punk band from Ashland, PA signed to local indie label No Less Records. In 2013 they released their first full length album "Catholic Presidents". In 2013 the band played their first international show in Montreal, Canada at the punk festival Pouzza Fest, then in August they had their first international tour touring the northeast east region of the united states with making stops in Canada. The band has played with multiple national headlining acts and has constantly played show since first starting out in 2008.

Condition Oakland is formed of Tyler Troutman (Vocals/Guitar), Daniel Campbell (Bass/Backing Vocals), Zack Houser (Keyboard) and Billy Jusinski (Drums). The band started in 2008/2009 as a solo project of Tyler Troutman, over time he added his long time friends to the line up and the full band Condition Oakland experience was created. Condition Oakland plays shows as solo, duo solo and full band.

Condition Oakland is constantly looking to play shows and play new places. If you are interested in booking Condition Oakland please feel free to message us on Facebook or via E-Mail, all links can be found below.

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"08/09 Demos"
(Release sometime between oct. 08 and Jan. 09.)
"Dead Flamingos!...Are Never Forgiven."
(Released Jan. 22nd 2010)
"The Baroque. E.P" Re-Released On Guts Crew Records
(Released Jun. 26th 2010)
"Holiday 2010 E.P."
(Released Dec. 17th 2010)
"Split w/Kaleidoscopes & Endangered Youth"
(Released March 12th 2011)
"Find Home Friend" Released on No Less Records
(Released July 23rd 2011)
"Cuts and Carrions" Released on No Less Records
(Released December 17th 2011)
"Catholic Presidents" Released on No Less Records
(Released May 4th 2013)
""Empty Plots E.P."
(Released October 1st 2013


  1. sinkorswim666
    SinkorSwim6663/7/2014 10:19 AM | Permalink

    These guys are local to me! They are great and do so much for the local scene around us! Hope to see them get the recognition they deserve!

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