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Kicked In The Head

Kicked In The Head
Hometown: Boston, MA Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Gary Hedrick
Ryan Dowd
Matt Sanocki
Anthony Modano

Kicked In The Head Bio:

Kicked in the Head is not a band. They were a band. They were four guys who went to school together, went to college and made things.

Some of the things they did are embarrassing. They wrote a song about cereal, for one. They came up with catchphrases like "Louder, Faster, More Distortion." and then had the gall to put it on a tee-shirt. That's okay. If you're reading this, afraid that something you're doing might one day be embarrassing, that's kind of the point. What the hell.

Once in a while they did something interesting that surprised people. They won a couple of awards. They built a recording studio. One of them walked bare-ass naked out of a friendly Vermont rest-stop, and then got pulled over by a friendly Vermont policeman who told them to "Get home safe, and cut the shit."

One time six of them almost died in a car crash. They didn't. They were okay. Happy ending.

But most of their history is boring, like this: Kicked in the Head made two albums and two EPs over a twelve-year career. They sold a number of CDs, back when you could do that kind of thing. They drove up and down the Eastern seaboard just to make a van smell like bologna farts, and stopped to play a few shows along the way. See? Boring. Bands are all the same. They connect with each other so they can connect with music. Along the way, other people get caught up in it and you're bigger than you were before. The same things happen and the same things happen and the same things happen. It's happening again.

Kicked in the Head is not a band. They will always be a band. They are four guys who went to school together, grew up together and made things.

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