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Skunk Allstars

Skunk Allstars
Hometown: Los Angeles, California Current Label: Long Beach Records Websites: Official Website
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Band Members: Frank Liesener [Vocals]
Knowledgeborn07 [Raps]
Dread Daze [Vocals]
Braggart One [Backing Vocals]
Louis Alvarez [Trombone]
Dj Doc PhILL [Scratches & Guitar]
Duncan Maddison [Lead Guitar]
STP-1983 [Rhythm Guitar]
Nate Done [Bass]
Dj Wrex [Scratches and Beats]
Joe Caspio [Drums] The Swing Cats [Horn Section]

Skunk Allstars Bio:

Every once in a while, a so-called "ska" artist comes along who is effortlessly able to incorporate various styles of music into the genre resulting in the progressive transition of ska music to yet another level. Mighty Mighty Bosstonesdid it. Sublime did it. No Doubt did it. Frank & his Skunk Allstars are doing it right now.

Frank Liesener's band is called the Skunk Allstars; a rotating lineup of veteran musicians and producers. For close to 16 years, Frank has linked himself with professional and seasoned forces in the music industry, all of whom have been a part of the development of the Skunk Allstars at one point or another. The list of artists and producers Frank has worked with is respectable: Long Beach Dub Allstars (Musicians), Eddie Ashworth (Producer: Sublime, Pennywise), Mad Professor (a.k.a. Neil Fraser), Z-Man (Corn Doggy Dog, Skunk Records), Troy Fenton (Grammy winning, managed Men At Work), Miles Doughty (Slightly Stoopid), and the legendary Mark Berry (multi-platinum, award-winning producer for Elton John, David Bowie, Mighty Mighty Bosstones).

The fact that other talented contemporary artists and producers want to work with Frank Liesener helps quantify his individual and unique ability to write, record, and perform music. All of this helped land a deal with EMI Publishing in the mid 1990s that continues to this day. In 2002 Frank also joined forces with Cherry Lane Publishing (, Quincy Jones, Elvis Presley) for his record Bleeding Hearts and Smiling Faces. Frank also had a song,"Feel The Fake," featured on the soundtrack to the 2006 indie film "Bums." But theres more to Frank than just that.

With a background in competitive skateboarding (EuroCup 1989), Tae-Kwon-Do, and playing nearly 2,000 live concerts in ten years, Frank Liesener is schooled in sports, eastern philosophy, and performing live music. It is without a doubt music that makes up the majority of Frank's life these days it is his calling. God has blessed Frank with both an innate music sense and the ability to truly connect with an audience. Consider the lyrical talent Frank demonstrates and how it resonates with kids and adults from all walks of life. Pair that with his natural born instinctual songwriting ability and you have a recipe for nutritious, delicious music. Franks fans often comment to this effect on the message board at the MySpace page for Skunk Allstars (, which just passed 46,000 "friends" as of February 20th, 2006. Skunk Allstars have a very devoted fan base on MySpace and have consistently placed in the Top 10 on the MySpace "Ska" charts for page views, song plays, and music downloads. Skunk Allstars are also consistently ranked "1" by fans on MySpace check the Ska charts on any given day and youre likely to see them ranked right there on top by the fans.

A pioneer in the European ska and punk scenes, Frank Liesener has always taken liberties by peppering his music with multi-genre, groove-ability. Its what helps mistake Frank who he is. The new album from Frank & his Skunk Allstars is called Hatred of a Minute; it is the kind record that defies categorization but demands radio airplay. The rhythms, hooks, harmonies, layers, and melodies displayed on Hatred of a Minute are off the map. There is no blueprint Frank is following as he irresponsibly but carefully blends reggae with rockabilly, rocksteady with hip-hop, dub with swing, and punk rock with jazz. The end result is a sound all its own---a stinky "skunk" sound of automatic dynamite thrilling your ears with wild, madcap melodies containing messages of empathy, hope, and resolve.

The intense and vibrantly twisted art and layout for Hatred of a Minute was designed by Jason Cooper who has created designs for bands like System of a Down, The Donnas, and Henry Rollins.

Common themes in Franks lyrics include perseverance, freedom, and extending a helping hand to your brothers and sisters in need. Its a serious symphonic feast for your ears, eyes, and mind on at least a few levels. The best way to experience all of the above is to stop and listen. So please take the time to give the brand new album from Frank and his Skunk Allstars a good, hard listen. Its called Hatred of a Minute and it can change your life for the better.

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