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Hometown: Wuhan, China Current Label: Maybe Mars Websites: Facebook Profile
Band Members: Wu Wei, Xu Bi, Tu dou, Matt, Pi gu, Tang


SMZB is founded in the end of 1996, the first punk band in WuHan, one of the earliest punk bands in China. The band had 3 members at first, they had been playing in some underground places for a long time. SMZB has experienced some member changings. By the end of 2002, it became a 4-member band untill 2005.
The band, which is called the thinker and resister of Chinese punk, also gains great respect and love of bands in China... The band keeps touring in China in those years, they made a Southeast Asia Tour in 2004 and a successful, also their first Europe Tour in 2005 with the help of Norway October Party Record. The band changed their guitar player and bass player, and added a bagpipes&tin whistle player at the beginning of 2006, they made second Europe tour in 2007,The band’s won a great number of European fans through its two successful tours around Europe... Since 2000, the band has released several albums, EP, LP in Europe and compilation cooperating with European bands. In American BUDS RECORDS, the band has released the first EP with combination of CELTIC folk elements... In 2007, the band was signed by MAYBE MARS RECORDS and released a new album-[Ten Years Rebellion] by now the band has 6 members,The style of the band combines CELTIC folk and punk music, just as an integration of POGUES,DROPKICK MURPHYS and RANCID...Moreover, it’s the only one CELTIC folk-punk band in China...


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