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The Hip Priests

The Hip Priests
Hometown: Lincoln, England Current Label: Self Destructo Websites: Facebook Profile
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Band Members: Gary X-Ray: joyboy lead yellin'
Lee Love: bass guitarin', shriekin'
Jimmy H.P.: hot assed lead guitarin'
Skintight Tim: drummin', holllerin'

The Hip Priests Bio:

The inbred, oversexed, white trash bastard sons of Iggy P, Johnny T, Lemmy & Handsome Dick.

An awesome, glorious mess of Rampantly sexual, Souped up, Lubed up, Fucked up, Low Rent, Hot Assed Anthemic (s)Punk Rock 'n' Roll to make the little girls weep and big girls wet. A sweet 'n' sweaty sonic tonic to accompany your recreational drinkin, druggin and fuckin'.

Wasn’t ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’ originally a term for fucking anyway? Wasn’t it fun? Provocative? Sexualised? Weren’t parents meant to say ‘Turn that noise down’? Yeah, they were…So get down, get dirty and hail The Breakneck Babylon Babies, The spleen exploding Sermonisers of the Sacred Sexualsonic Psalms, the Crazed messiahs of deep-fried bone rattling rock 'n' roll! The Righteous King Rockers of in your face Rock ‘n’ roll Bukkake.
Ladies and Gentlemen, Hot girls and pretty boys…
the biggest Dicks in Rock 'n' Roll... The Sonic Reproducers....The Hip Priests.


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