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The Magnificent

The Magnificent
Band Members: Matt (guitar, vocals)
Jimmy (bass, vocals)
Charlie (drums)

The Magnificent Bio:

The Magnificent are a band from the North of England. They sing about stuff that affects their lives. Important things like pigeon fancying, coal mining, big balls, brewing beer, cutting down trees, playing squash, bureaucracy, coalition governments that don't work and whippets.

Their sound has been compared to Pinhead Gunpowder, The Replacements, Billy Bragg, The Clash, Alkaline Trio and maybe someone being sick. If you are American, the music sounds English. If you are English, you have never heard of this band.

Officially, the summer of '10 has been spent recording some new stuff and writing for a new record to be released at the end of year. Off the record, the boys have been losing their jobs, getting engaged, riding old motorbikes, wrestling, going to Portugal, playing golf and not rehearsing.

The Mags started in 2007 and the current line-up is Matt (guitar, vocals), Jimmy (bass, vocals) and Charlie (drums). Their first LP 'Pay The Crimes' came out on Boss Tuneage in 2009.

*according to Jimmy's girlfriend, who rarely goes to their gigs

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