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The Owl in Daylight

The Owl in Daylight
Hometown: Orange County / Los Angeles, California Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Facebook Profile
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Band Members: Drew Baker - Vox / Guitar
Matt Montoya - Guitar
Matt Fitzgerald - Bass / Vox
Jason McGuy - Drums

The Owl in Daylight Bio:

"Sadly fleeting and seemingly long gone are the days of East Bay, CA and Chicago punk of the 90’s that blended high-energy rhythms and memorable, sing-a-long vocal hooks.

But The Owl in Daylight, an Orange County based four-piece, is that nostalgic breath of fresh air in a stale Southern California punk scene, creating a sonic environment that possesses the same feel and intensity, working at a cellular level: infectious and staying with you long after the last song's stopped ringing in your ears.

Drew Baker first formed The Owl in Daylight in late-2008 in the confines of claustrophobic apartments and dingy garages. After years of playing drums for numerous bands for local OC bands such as Codename: Rocky and Red Letter M, Drew wanted to start a project that allowed him to write music and not only move from behind the drum kit to lead vocals and guitar while incorporating his poetry background into meaningful lyrics.

Thus began the painstaking process of writing powerful, ear-catching yet thoughtful songs.

After teaching himself guitar, self-recording numerous demos and amassing a sizeable catalogue of songs, The Owl in Daylight was greatly strengthened by the joining of longtime friend and bandmate, Matt Fitzgerald, also formerly of Codename: Rocky & Red Letter M, on bass who added his intricate low-end lines and writing prowess to The Owl in Daylight’s sound.

After a couple of line up changes on drums and lead guitar, The Owl in Daylight completed their line-up with Jason McGuy and Matthew Montoya on drums and guitar, respectively.

Instantly, with McGuy’s skills and dynamics behind the kit coupled with Montoya’s ear for punk rock rhythms and masterful lead guitar lines, Baker and Fitzgerald knew this was exactly what the band was missing.

The Owl in Daylight had found the last pieces of their punk rock puzzle.

Currently, The Owl in Daylight is in the process of releasing their debut full length, Safety Second, in February 2015. At the same time, the band is beginning their take over of the Southern California music scene with their live performance, in which, it won’t be hard to tell exactly how much fun they are having and how much they love what they do.

You’ll only want to come and sing-a-long with them"

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