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The Rumjacks

The Rumjacks
Hometown: New South Wales, Australia Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: MySpace Profile
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Band Members: FRANKIE McLAUGHLIN - Vocals, tin whistle, war drum
JOHNNY McKELVEY - Bass, vocals
ANTHONY MATTERS - Drums, vocals
ADAM KENNY- Mandolin, banjo, vocals

The Rumjacks Bio:

If folk means of the people...

And punk means do it yourself...

...then Australian band The Rumjacks can be said to play folk-punk music.

The Rumjacks spontaneously formed when musicians from various bands met in Sydney late 2008 and since their inception, The Rumjacks have done and achieved a lot.

They have played up and down the Australian East Coast numerous times. They have two EPs available, ‘Hung, Drawn & Portered’ and the latest ‘Sound As A Pound’ which have both also been released in Japan and the USA to critical acclaim.

Their consistent drive and energy has scored them festival shows and support slots with overseas acts such as legendary punk bands GOGOL BORDELLO, UK Subs and Leftover Crack, also big Australian acts such as Magic Dirt, Regular John, The Fireballs, A Death In The Family and The Fumes.

Lifelong fans of traditional folk music, as well as high energy folk-punk as pioneered by the legendary Pogues and, with core members as regular players on the Sydney and Melbourne pub rock scenes, The Rumjacks have forged a truly remarkable live show everywhere they go earning a legion of fans.

The Rumjacks convey a direct and emotional lyrical punk energy in the manner of band such as Against Me! and Billy Bragg, and with a pace of Flogging Molly but cover a wider range of themes than most bands of their genre all whilst incorporating instruments traditionally used in folk music such as the tin whistle, piano accordion, mandolin, banjo and bodhran alongside the standard electric line-up.

As individuals, all members of The Rumjacks have been steeped in Irish, British, and Australian folk music since childhood. However, The Rumjacks also draw on reggae musical stylings as much as ballad and sea shanty traditions to fuse it all together in a cannonball of roots rock.


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