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Wasted Daze

Wasted Daze
Hometown: Coventry, UK Current Label: Unsigned or Unknown Websites: Facebook Profile
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Band Members: Krissy - Vox, words, occasional attempts to play guitar.
Ty - Guitars/Bass/Drums/Vox, telling Krissy "If you don't get it right this time I'll delete EVERYTHING!"

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The story so far...

Wasted Daze originally formed in October 1998 but with a different different lineup than there is now,basically two of the original members started listening to Counting Crows and after a slight bust up involving a bottle of Lime-aid the rhythm section (Ryan -bass,Alex -drums) acted like little twats and left the band leaving Krissy and Grimbo the task of finding a new lineup.

It took a while to get things moving again but after a while Adam, Yarnal and Kris Hewitt were recruited and things started to take off again. This lineup continued to play with many big U.K and overseas punk and hardcore bands for many years up and down the country. In late 2004 we recorded the "Deception Point" e.p and played more shows but became disillusioned with the lack of bands to play with locally playing similar stuff to us. Soon after Yarnal quit, the band went their separate ways in 2007.

Krissy continued to write songs and play acoustically for the next 7 years and joined a glam punk band song writing and playing guitar, really he wanted to play Punk again.

I'n early 2013 Krissy fell down the stairs and broke his back after too many Ciders and whilst in hospital he decided to reform the band when he was well enough to.
He was then contacted by Tylar Atkins, a producer, multi-instrumentalist and fellow punk who asked him if he wanted to go around and record. Krissy was very impressed with the methods and quality of recording so after remaking a few old songs and ideas they were halfway to having a new album ready. He also liked petting Tylars pet Dog.

Sadly though a hard drive error in July 2013 meant that they lost a lot of the original recordings but redid a few bits,recorded a few more tunes and put together what would be the bands debut album "MELTDOWN" which was downloaded illegally all over Europe more times than that Paris Hilton sex tape....not that the band would be er...into that kinda thing....

In Spring 2014 the duo started work on their second album. Ty had a lot more creative control on this album as they wrote and arranged better as a team and Ty can play instruments in time which Krissy can't do when he's drunk!
Alongside this Ty also did backing vocals and shared dual vocals on a few songs.
The album is far more varied and has ska, pop, metal, hardcore, emo, rap and even a hint of drum and bass to compliment their punk sound.

The album was released in August 2014 and is named "MORNINGSIDE" after the funeral parlor in the Phantasm series of horror films. The duo see themselves as a punk rock version of Erasure and look forward to writing and recording new material in the future.

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