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Welcome to Pirates Press Records. Our goal and intentions are simple, to provide high quality and collectable items for bands at a fraction of the cost. In many ways, we work with other labels & bands, bringing them together on limited and collectable formats that will continue to unify the industry. Its not about competition, its about the music and bringing everyone together on quality projects and releases.


  1. Get to know Bishops Green (Vancouver streetpunk) | Wrecking CrueWrecking Crue11/10/2013 5:11 PM | Permalink

    […] Thursday to Sunday, and can you believe it not one of them sucked?! Rare! Not so rare when you have Pirates Press putting the shows on. One of their newest bands is Vancouver-based Bishops Green, who performed […]

  2. Booze & Glory: novos singles em picture disc | Portal Metal Revolution – 13 anos fazendo a diferença – Copyright 2003 Todos os direitos reservados.5/31/2016 10:22 PM | Permalink

    […] singles em picture disc, “Carry On” e “Blood From A Stone” em versões verde e branco (pela Pirates Press Records) e também em laranja e preto (através da Contra Records). Confira abaixo os dois […]

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