10 Songs That Made Me Fall In Love With Punk Rock – Andy Frongillo (The Stereo State)

We recently caught up Andy Frongillo, vocalist for Massachusetts punk act The Stereo State, to get his take on the songs that got him in to punk rock.  Check out his list here.

1. The Misfits – Mommy, can I go out and kill tonight?

Before Punk, I only listened to Classic Rock and Death Metal, than I heard Danzig self titled and everything changed! From there I found the Misfits and fell even more in love! The horror movie aesthetic was so relatable being an avid horror movie fan since the age of 6, this was the first song I heard from the Misfits.

2. Descendents – I’m The One

Lame pick for a Descendents song huh? But this was the first Descendents song I had ever heard! After hearing it, I directly went out and bought Everything Sucks and was floored!!! Descendents are some amazing musicians and the best part is they have a sense of humor yet wear their hearts on their sleeves at the same time, they will always be one of the most important bands in my life.

3. Black Flag – Depression

Black Flag were dark and scary, the Ed Covler photography on the cover of Damaged was incredible, it drew me right in since I started as a metal head. Damaged isn’t my favorite Black Flag record, but it was the first I owned, Depression is probably my favorite song on the record.

4. The Clash – Should I Stay or Should I Go?

I still remember seeing this video on 120 minutes, it was actually the first time I’d ever heard The Clash surprisingly. Combat Rock is a great record, I know it’s not a fan favorite, not mine either, but once you get pass the juvenile “I only like their early stuff” punk rock mentality, you see The Clash wrote incredible music on every record!

5. Bad Brains – Attitude

1999, Century Media records puts out a tribute record to Bad Brains with a few of my favorite current hardcore bands on the compilation. The songs they were covering were amazing; I had never really heard anything like these songs! When I finally got around to buying Bad Brains self titled record, my mind fucking exploded! The band was so tight, yet were always on the edge of falling apart at the seems, it was unbridled fury! Than all of a sudden, they turn it down from 11 to 4 and have these beautiful reggae songs, simply an amazing band.

6. Gorilla Biscuits – New Direction

Gorilla Biscuits is THE youth crew band and my all time favorite Revelation Records band, well other than SOIA. They showed me, as well as many, many others, that Hardcore could be melodic, Start Today is still listened to constantly!

7. Sick Of It All – Us vs. Them

SOIA is the quintessential NY hardcore band to me, they are still the band that all current hardcore bands are measured because they are still making great records and still an amazing live band. Built To Last was my first SOIA record as well as my favorite, it’s so anthemic and punishing all at the same time.

8. The Bouncing Souls – Gone

I heard the song Hopeless Romantic and I thought it was just incredible, so I went out and bought How I Spent My Summer Vacation since it just came out. That record became my life, it’s all I listened to in 2001 pretty much, well that and Stretch Arm Strong. I have a Souls tattoo, I’ve seen them countless times, they will always be a big part of my life.

9. Kid Dynamite – S.O.S / Lifetime – How We Are

I always lump these 2 bands together because of my long love affair with Mr. Yemin’s work! I put S.O.S on the list because it always goes through my head when we are on tour and I’m missing my girl, How We Are is on here because I associate it my group of best friends. In all honesty, I could put any song from either bands discography for any numerous reasons, today I felt like these two.

10. Hot Water Music – Our Own Way

Last but certainly not least, this band is the embodiment of passionate and meaningful punk rock. No Division knocked me to the fucking floor when I first heard it, and it still has that effect today. I still can not decide between the 5 different HWM tattoo designs I want to get.

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