10ish Songs That Made Me Fall In Love With Punk Rock: Blake and Garik (Gunners Daugher)


We recently caught up with Blake and Garik of Gunners Daughter to get their take on the songs that got them in to punk rock.  Check out their list here.


1. Circle Jerks- Wild in The Streets

I was in grade school and a friends older brother had this on a tape!

2. Misfits- 20 Eyes

This was also on the tape I found in my friends older brothers room.

3. Rancid-Hyena

This is my anthem of the 90’s during the time when “Punk Broke” I guess. I got to see 88 Fingers Louie open for them at the Vic in Chicago.

4. Seaweed-Recall

I received Seaweed-Weak in the mail for renewing my Thrasher Magazine subscription.

5. Bad Religion- I Want to Conquer the World

This song still resinates the angst in my teenage heart.

6. Samiam- Capsized

Got to see them open for Bad Religion & during their set at The Riv in Chicago some weirdo started tossing beheaded squirrel heads around in the pit and on stage. Also Saw Blink 182 open for Samiam in Chicago at Thurstons.

7. 88 Fingers Louie-Pent Up

Still discovering the local Chicago scene I stumbled upon 88 and now years later being friends with the guys “Pent Up” hold a special place in my heart.

8. Down By Law- Independence Day

“When the kids hit the stage and the shit hit fan”…exactly!!!

9. Pegboy-My Youth

When this song comes on I still sit back and think of my youth.

10. Bollweevils- Bottomless Pit

When I think back to the old Fireside days this song and them live always come to mind first for some reason. It must have struck a chord in me….


1. Basket Case – Green Day

When I got into punk rock, and my friends were exposing me to a lot of new music, this was something I recognized and kind of clung onto. It was also super catchy.

2. California Uber Alles – Dead Kennedys

The Dead Kennedys had an absolutely insane sound compared to anything else I had ever heard as a 14-15 year old. It was chaos in my headphones, and Jello’s politics were right up my alley.

3. The Irrationality of Rationality – NOFX

Most of my first punk rock songs came from the free download section on Fat Wreck Chords’ site that my friend, Ryan showed me. This was my first NOFX song. Most people start out with the funny songs. Mine was a serious one, and the impact resonates to this day.

4. New Girl – The Suicide Machines

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater.

5. 911 For Peace – Anti-Flag

My aforementioned friend, Ryan showed me this band. This was my very first favorite band. It gave me a passion for my beliefs. It made me want to learn on my own, not just by singing along. Also, my first band might as well have been an A-F cover band because all my songs were a total ripoff.

6. IOU One Galaxy – The Ataris

My first love and heartbreak were to the tune of this song. Kris Roe will always be in my top 3 favorite songwriters.

7. 200 5th St. SW – Rule 22

These guys were the local heroes in my suburb growing up. They toured, opened for great bands, and play the most energetic home shows. This was the first song on a demo that Ryan and I passed out at school one day because it was his older brother’s band. When I got home from school and put it on my stereo, I knew that this was what I wanted to do with my life.

8. Navigating The Windward

Passage – The Lawrence Arms
This was another song I checked out randomly from the free Fat Wreck downloads. This is a great song that lead me to my all time favorite band.

9. The Boy Who Destroyed The World – AFI

AFI kind of scared me, and I thought that was pretty cool.

10. 1000 Good Intentions – Rise Against

More of the free downloads that sucked me in to Fat bands.

11. Scott Farcas Takes it on the Chin – Less Than Jake

I had a friend in school who was crazy about this band. He gave me a mix CD with mostly Hello Rockview songs, and this was my favorite song on it.

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