7 Hidden Gems From Bandcamp You Need To Check Out

Never Draw Back
Photo by David Corrochano

We here at Dying Scene have heard our reader’s collective voice loud and clear and after getting such wonderful feedback from the first Buried Gems from Bandcamp feature, we’ve decided to make it a (hopefully) regularly occurring list. Once again, we have explored the depths of the punk treasure trove and this time, we have surfaced with seven stunning jewels that we’re betting you haven’t heard before because we sure as hell hadn’t! So, give them all a listen below and if you like what you hear, head over to Da‘Camp and drop some wampum!


1. Cut Ties

This five piece thrash band from Houston, Texas (yea, you read that right, it didn’t have the words ‘Folk’ or ‘Crust’ in it and they’re from Space City) was formed in 2014. Now, a year later they have released their debut four song EP aptly named EP 1. As to be expected, it’s  fast, abrasive and it pounds you mercilessly. Close your eyes while listening to it and you can almost hear Lemmy Kilmister, it’s that aggressive style of music that fights back a little. Any of the songs would be ideal for a Bones Brigade video soundtrack (do they still make those?).  Sure, it has simple, repetitive lyrics, but it’s not really about them, now is it? Who cares about lyrics when you’re about to drop into a vert ramp? At that moment, you need Tiger’s Blood running through your veins! Cut Ties. They Give You Tiger’s Blood.


Recommended Track: “Rock & Roll”



2. Monday Morning Justice*

Since Houston let us down on contributing a fantastic folk act, we’ll check the scene in the Province of Mpumalanga in Middelburg, South Africa. Of course there’s an outstanding, bluesy folk punk band there! This quartet has been around since 2011 but only recently released their debut album, a two song EP titled 8:05. They also a little more recently collaborated on a three song split with acoustic punk outfit and fellow South Africans Slippery When Wet. DIY acts are always a little sporadic on their album recordings but when they finally save up enough and get in the studio, fans are normally well rewarded for their patience. Both of their albums are available for Name Your Price. Help them help you.

*This one was another reader suggestion. You guys are awesome, keep ‘em coming!


Recommended Track: “Rinse Glimpse Repeat”



3. Never Draw Back

Proving again that there are superb yet still overlooked bands found all over the globe, this well established hardcore pop quintet hails from Madrid, Spain. They have been around since 2008 and have earned a massive following. They are very well rounded and musically diverse. Their first EP  Melodies to Scream and Share released in 2010 set the perfect expectation for their follow up full length Decisions released just a few weeks ago, there was no drop in quality. Both Albums have well placed harmonies that flow seamlessly into the more aggressive, impassioned choruses. Both are musically challenging and they both are consummate as far as production value.  Fans of Brand New will instantly love these spunky Spaniards. And, unlike most of our finds, this one comes ‘consumer ready’, so go consume!


Recommended Track: “Decisions”



4. Petrol Girls

This female fronted four piece from South East London is loud ‘n fast. Plain and simple. No need to even try and be loquacious about it. When I think ‘Garage Punk’, this is mostly what I hear in my pea sized brain. It has  a raw, lo-fi sound but it’s not as abrasive and hollow like you get with some garage bands. They just released their inaugural self titled three song EP about a year ago. It’s filled to the brim with in your face, belligerent lyrics, screeching electric guitars and earth rumbling drum beats. Speaking of which, this quarrelsome quartet constantly swaps between a few different drummers and they’re always looking for more to add to the stable, so hit ‘em up if you’re a drummer in Londontown.


Recommended Track: “Restless”



5. Founding Neverland

Jyväskylä, Finland is what Euos refer to as an Educational City. It boasts a large number of universities and higher learning facilities thus earning it the name “Athens of Finland”. This post hardcore/screamo quartet’s hometown roots shine most in their music composition, behind the lyrics and vocals. It magnifies the emotion in the vocals. Most emo bands tend to rely a little too heavily on the front man to provide that scathing, unfiltered passion that has come to define the genre. This foursome has found a way to give the music almost as much of a biting, dramatic voice as the lead singer. They just released a new single, Stories available for Name Your Price along with a few other albums for a price. If you like Silverstein, we think you’ll be a fan of these frenetic Fins!


Recommended Track: “Starry Eyed Nights”



6. The Hempsteadys

If you like old school ska, boy have we found a gem for you! Buried all the way up in New London Connecticut, this extremely well staffed troupe (between 10 and 14 members at any given time) has hit the scene hard. Their debut three track EP Fox just released last month is astoundingly good. The vocals are gritty and add just enough ‘punk essence ‘ to keep it from being reggae. The  horns and specifically the saxophone are all incredible. If it’s one thing we thing we need more of in punk music these days, it’s more saxophone (*Dying Scene does not condone this statement, it is the personal opinion of the author, who is most likely stoned) .If that already isn’t enough to be excited about, their next album sounds pretty enterprising as well. Tilted El Amor de Los Muertos,  it’s billed as a “monster rock opera about love, friendship and violence”. Start saving your shekels kiddies!


Recommended Track: “Flea Market”



7. Nothing Planned

This easycore pop quintet from San Jose, California formed in 2014 and released their debut single Sunset and Death Threats later that same year. About seven months later they added four songs to that and released their debut, self titled EP.  It’s strikingly very emotionally charged, so it probably fits a little better in the emo category but they say easycore and who am I to argue?  The album has plenty of highlights (the guitar solo in “Nothing’s Changed” is sick!), but these guys are young and this gem needs a little scrubbing before it’s ready to be faceted. Not to insinuate that they’re bad, just a little green. The Bay Area scene is known to produce splendid bands and it’s a pretty tight knit community up there so they should benefit from the ‘Bay Area Bump’. These guys have a high ceiling. Let’s see what they hit us with next!


Recommended Track: “Nothing’s Changed”



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