A Week In Punk: This Week’s Biggest Stories Recapped (6/8/14)


HOLY SHIT!  This has been a HUGE week for new music discovery!  Deep breath.  Here goes…  My favorite folk-punk song of the week is Old Towns’ “Leaving Songs” but the music video for The Decline’s “A Smiling Beast, A Crying Angel” prompted me to check out their entire new album and I am LOVING it.  Fans of Roughneck Riot, or any punk rock with folky overtones, need to give it a listen.  The skate-punk fan in me is really digging Moovalya’s new EP “Sixer” and the new Straightline song “Retrogressive” while on the more contemporary punk side I gotta say the new Hi ho Silver, Away album is absolutely stupendous – its pissing me off that there’s not official release date.  The intro song for the new EP from The New Outcasts is the best punk song under 45 seconds I’ve heard in many years.  For that matter, the entire release is pretty solid.  Wonderboy’s 2 song EP is leaving me dying to hear a full-length.  Any fan of World’s Scariest Police Chases should definitely check out the equally ridiculous/awesome band Ted Dibiase And The Million Dollar Band’s debut full-length.  If you consider yourself ska-punk enthusiast you are completely blowing it if you don’t give the free comp put out by PacificSoundSystem a listen.  I’m embarrassed to say that they might have done a better job finding epic off the radar ska-punk bands/songs than we did with our own “Skaface: Evolution” comp.  If you’re a super huge Mixtapes fan, especially the ones where Ryan sings you’ll want to check out his new side project Youth Culture.  If you dig Americana-punk ala Gaslight Anthem like me you’ll probably wanna check out the new release from Blacklist Royals.  Oh, and the new Dwarves song is awesome!

Phew!  OK, back to your regularly scheduled programming.

– Johnny X


Here’s what you missed, what you ignored and what you’re sick of reading about. 

1. Pennywise put out a new song called “Violence Never Ending.”

2. OG Sum 41 members, Deryck Whibley and Dave “Brownsound” Baksh had a heartfelt little reunion.

3. Here’s a bunch of photos of adorable and super punk couples at Punk Rock Bowling.

4. People couldn’t seem to stop fighting at The Adicts’ gig last week, so the band cut their set short. They don’t have time for your bullshit.

5. Just so you don’t think we’re a bunch of saps – we photographed normal people at PRB this year too.

6. Here’s a video of a dad taking his son to his very first punk show.

7. Our trusty Jason Stone interviewed Gord Taylor from Real McKenzies.

8. Lagwagon are hard at work on their new album.

9. Speaking of Lagwagon, Fat Wreck is working on a documentary about them.

10. Larry and His Flask had all of their stuff stolen. These stories always bum me out for so many reasons.


Victims of Circumstance – “Strength”

Florida ska-punk veterans Victims Of Circumstance are gearing up to release their new highly anticipated new album No More Heroes on June 14th. We’ve got the exclusive stream of its first single!

Suede Razors – “Rubies and Pearls”

Only a few months after putting out their debut 7-inch, San Francisco pub rock act Suede Razors (featuring members of Harrington SaintsSydney DucksHounds & Harlots, and more) are gearing up to release another 7 inches of wax entitled Bootboy Anthems.

Dead City Riot – “Progeny of the Great Censorship”

Connecticut ska-punks Dead City Riot released their new album A World Into Dust yesterday and we’re stoked to be bringing you all the exclusive stream of a brand new song from it!

Better Things – “Killing Ghosts”

Vermont pop-punks Better Things are gearing up to release their new EP These Roads Lead To Nowhere on July 15th. And to get you stoked for the release, we’re exclusively streaming a new track from it!


DeeCRACKS – Beyond Medication

“If you like bands on the more ‘punk’ side of the pop-punk spectrum (not the shit high school kids are listening to and going to the Warped Tour for), I highly recommend you give DeeCRACKS a chance. They’re a phenomenal band and Beyond Medication is a great record for a new listener to get started off on.”

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