Allout Helter working on new music

Denver punk-rock act, Allout Helter, have announced that they are working on new music. Here’s what they had to say:

Not a whole lot of news lately…. but for all you assholes bugging us because we only release five minutes of new music every two years…. shook and I finished editing drums last night and we start tracking bass later today. 9 songs and 22ish minutes of material. it’s fast and angry, and it should be enough material to get us into 2016. :) studio updates in some form or another to follow soon. see you all May 25th at the DC Fallout show? good. gotta run, i have a pool deck to grout. -Fred

The band appeared on a split with Samuel Caldwell’s RevengeDC Fallout and Perdition which was released in February through Dang!Records.

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