Answer That and Stay Fashionable: Who’s Your Favorite Local or Unsigned Band?

Welcome back to Answer That and Stay Fashionable, where every week various members of the Dying Scene team will take a question posed by you, the readers, and pour their hearts out in regards to all things punk rock: from favorite records and show experiences to embarrassing purchases and fashion styles. If it’s punk, it’s fair game. This week’s question:

“Are there any small town bands from your area that you think that the whole world should know about?”

Read our responses below.

Midwest Punk:
Yes! I’m all about supporting local music, so I could name a lot of bands that should be heard by a lot more people than they’re currently being heard by! If you read my 2013 Top Ten Albums list, you might already know about two of them from Iowa, but I’m going to tell you again anyway.
Lipstick Homicide has a pretty decent following, but I think more people should know and love them! It’s pure, amazing, pop-punk, and it deserves to be heard all over the scene!
Well Aren’t You Precious also put out a superb record last year, and it seems almost no one outside of Iowa knows them. I love the laid-back, fun, beer-drinking style of their punk/rock music, and you all should too.
Also, they’re not all from my immediate area, but The Blendours, No Coast Criminals, The Moguls, Down Goes Goodman, and many more that I can’t remember right now.

Bizarro Dustin:
I’ve written about them before, but the dudes in Sketchy are all pretty cool, and the music is equally as cool. They only have one EP out as of now, but I imagine that they’ll have a full length out at some point within the next year. Pretty much every related band to them is also excellent: Eli Whitney and the Sound Machine, Freya Wilcox, High Falls, Pocketpool… all of these bands share several members and they’re probably more incestuous than the Slapstick Family Tree if only because all of these bands exist at the same time.

I also really like Chumped, but they’ve been making plenty of waves lately and I’m sure they’ll be all over every pop punk kid’s AOTY ’14 list come December.

Screeching Bottlerocket:
Florida is a breeding ground for awesome music so I’ve got a ton of favorite local bands. Just a few that I can think of right now are Victims of Circumstance, UNRB, Mosquito Teeth, Won’t Be Arsed, and Yugoskavia (not local to the Tampa Bay area but they’re from the state). After The Fact! was an amazing, well-loved Floridian ska-punk band but they’ve sadly broken up.

Johnny X:
I have waaay too many to try to list here.  I find 2 or 3 new favorites a week but for this post I would be remiss to not call out Southern California’s Chaser (RIP).  Their 2007 album “Numb America” was one of my favorite punk releases of that decade and was one of the primary reasons I started Dying Scene.  I couldn’t believe they weren’t getting more attention!  They ended up putting out one more full-length, “The Big Picture”, before throwing in the towel, which I was super bummed about.  If only I’d started DS a little sooner perhaps I could have helped them get a little more of the attention they deserved.  Sigh…

Justin Zipprich:
I am really loving this very new alt-punk band Sunset Revolution from the San Fernando valley. They’re pretty kick ass, they remind me of the Hold Steady and some early Blink 182. I’d definitely recommend giving them a listen and showing them some love!

Overall, I’d say Toledo has a pretty shitty punk scene, considering that I have to drive an hour north to Detroit for almost every show I go to because national acts generally skip over this city when they hit the road, and on that rare occasion when something good does come to town, there is typically only a small handful of people in attendance. However, there are a decent amount of local bands that are keeping the music scene alive. Two well kept secrets out of Toledo are Don’t Get Bored, and Fragile X. Don’t Get Bored is a rad hardcore punk band for fans of groups such as Negative Approach, Reagan Youth, Void, Minor Threat, etc. While, Fragile X is a punk band that consists of 3/4 of the now defunct punk act The Shame Game, and their influences range from bands such as OFF!, RVIVR, NOFX, Jawbreaker, Dillinger Four, etc. Some other cool Toledo area bands worth checking out are Dismantle, Shitty Neighbors, The Fight Within, Professor, FDA, NRR, React, and The Sucks.

Lauren Mills:

I love supporting local bands because they are the life-blood of our scene. Without them, touring bands couldn’t come through town and play in the first place. I live in a small unincorporated town called Port Saint John, Florida. Where? Yeah, exactly. There aren’t any punk rockers here that I know of, and I don’t know of any bands from here. If I am wrong, let me know. Help a girl out. For local bands, I’m going to go with one from the entire state, because I have to travel to go to see bands anyway. And by “I” I mean my Dad because I have CP and cannot drive.

Anyway, here are some to check out:

Unless you’re a total noob, I’m sure you know The Attack from Orlando.

Also, from Orlando is Caffiends. They play a silly Ramones style pop punk. Check them out.

Panther Camp is freaking amazing. If you get a chance, go see them. They are such a talented band. I don’t think they have any music out yet officially, but I will be waiting. Hurry. Then there is A Dying Regime, who are our DyingScene Records. YAAAAAAAAAY!

Dogs are awesome. Both the animal and the punk band from Orlando.

Birthday Candles are kind of from Florida. All of their members are from here except for their drummer, John. He’s from Denver. What an awesome dude that guy is. Killer band, too. They remind me of The Menzingers.

I’m sure everyone knows Protagonist. I wish they’d put out another record. They are awesome. Hey if Protagonist are reading this, please put out another album soon. I still need to see them live!

Those are my favorite local bands. Check them out.


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    Terrorist, The Animalistics, The Bad Nerves, Union Stockyards, Triggers, Bring The Fight and Teethmarks. All of those bands are from Winnipeg except Teethmarks.

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