CBGB’s original interior to be reconstructed for CBGB Music and Film Festival

It has been announced that the original CBGB interior will be reconstructed for this year’s CBGB Music and Film Festival! Or, at least for the keynote speeches being delivered by Van Toffler (Viacom) and Duff McKagan (Guns N’ Roses, Velvet Revolver, etc.) at the Landmark Sunshine Theater in lower Manhattan.

Here’s some more info on why/how it’s all gonna happen:

CBGB owner Hilly Kristal and club talent booker Louise Staley carefully dismantled the interior of the famed CBGB & OMFUG in 2006 after being evicted by their landlord. The original CBGB stage walls and the original CBGB sound system haven’t been seen in public since then. “Hilly wanted them to live on. He saved them for exactly this type of occasion,” said Staley.

Delivering the keynote speech on the state of the music industry in 2013, Van Toffler is a pioneer and visionary in the ever-changing media landscape. Overseeing a collection of the most successful and vibrant brands in music and entertainment as President of Viacom’s Music and Logo Group, Toffler is responsible for all of Viacom’s music services, including MTV, MTV2, CMT, VH1, VH1 Classic, Palladia and CMT Pure; their affiliated screens, businesses and online sites; and Logo, the network originally created for the LGBT audience which celebrates one-of-a-kind personalities, unconventional stories and discovering what’s coming up next on the cultural spectrum. His speech will begin at 4pm on the 10th.

As the driving force behind some of the most successful rock bands in history, the festival is honored to have Duff McKagan deliver the Musicians Keynote Address at 1pm on October 10th at Landmark Sunshine Theater. Duff has been leading the charge in music for decades (Guns N’ Roses, Velvet Revolver, Loaded, Walking Papers).

Well, that sounds pretty damn cool! Should be interesting for people who never had a chance to visit the club and nostalgia-inducing for those who had the pleasure of going to a show there.

In related news… CBGB, The Movie will be premiering at the CBGB Music and Film Festival on October 9th at the same theater Van Toffler and Duff McKagan will be delivering their speeches at. The trailer for said movie, which Johnny Ramones’ widow isn’t too happy about, can be found here.


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