Costello Bassist Jeff Dahlin joins Margate for series of shows, perhaps more…

Longtime Costello bassist Jeff Dahlin has combined forces with the LA pop-punk act Margate as a rhythm guitar player, according to a statement released by Dahlin. He seemed to have some choice words for Costello bandleader Mitch Ohlman, “Mitch is a great songwriter, he’s really good on guitar, and he’s the man on vocals, but he’s a megalomaniac and only gets motivated to make music every few years”. Dahlin continued, “I’d like to remain a member of Costello, because the music is great, but when a band member constantly threatens to steal my car stereo for drug money, I need to look at other options as well.”

Costello’s most recent album, ‘Memoirs of a Malcontent’, was mixed by producer Matt Allison and released in 2011 on Celibate Records.  Margate confirmed Dahlin will be playing a string of shows with the band for an undetermined period of time. “Jeff is used to four strings, not six,’ according to the statement, ‘and he tends to get good and buzzed before shows, so we’ll tread lightly and see how this experiment goes.”

Margate is putting the finishing touches on its new album, ‘Beards in Paradise’, which will be released on Cyber Tracks this year. Their previous, self-titled album was chosen by label heads El Hefe and Jen Abeyta as Cyber Track’s debut label release in 2012.

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  1. costello
    costello1/13/2015 6:31 PM | Permalink

    I would have replied to this sooner but my parole hearing was postponed until this morning. The wheels of justice turn slowly down here in Old Mexico. I digress…

    I couldn’t be happier for Jeff! Margate are a great bunch of guys who make fantastic music together. Jeff brings a high level of energy to live shows and I’m sure he’ll fit right in. So by all means, keep him as long as you want! Heck, even permanently wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.

    As for the frequency with which I get inspired — you can’t rush genius, pal! It takes an incredible amount of energy to write and record a new record, and that is only the half of it. Factor in the countless hours of my personal time I have to spend re-recording all of a certain band member’s parts (hint: it’s not guitar or drums) and it adds up to a tidy sum of work. Given all of the extra work for yours truly, it’s a miracle we even finish ONE record every three years!

    Oh yeah, and I wouldn’t threaten to steal your stuff if you would just stop being so stingy and help a brother out with a few dollars now and then. However, with regard to more pressing concerns, if you know any good Spanish speaking lawyers, please have them get in touch with me at the La Mesa Prison in Tijuana.


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