Album Review: Creative Adult – “Bulls In The Yard”

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Creative Adult‘s a band I never heard of and probably, may not have tried, if not for seeing them attached to Run For Cover. This label’s done a solid job of churning out more-than-decent bands over the past few years and Creative Adult will no doubt flourish with such backing. Bulls In The Yard is steeped in a fuzzy post-punk realm of start-stops and calm-chaos which adds relevance to the band’s weight. It’s not too intricate a four-tracker, but it packs stiff punch.

The title-track opens with distorted riffs, which after scouring around, I found they’re known for. The vocal delivery sounds like a mic at a protest engrained with dissonant chasms of punk. Tight licks and swelling guitars all drive the strength of the record and this kickstarts things with a bang.

The stylistic route present on the album is interesting in the least and it’s definitely an old-school punk influence. Think Rolling Stones meets The Ramones…and yes, strong comparison indeed, but it’s that punked out. “Consumes Itself” exemplifies this and the breakdown into the lull on the track flows brilliantly. I mentioned the flowing calm at times and here, it’s standout and you can see just why one may think Fugazi or The Cure lent influence to the quartet known as Creative Adult. The swirling chaos at the end amplifies the punk and post-hardcore swarm that’s well embedded.

“Chemical Glow” follows in a similar vein and the frantic texture of their usually-known-for hardcore punk rhythms adds a dark wave angle that musically, it’s fine-tuned to the teeth of the comb…and yeah, it’s that cutting. I couldn’t believe how much this resonated and I embraced it fully. I couldn’t help but also offer recognition to their interpretation, or at least that’s what I think it is, of Nirvana’s “Come As You Are” on “Rushing Toward The Cemetary” and it pummeled as a fitting closer, capping their vibrancy and energy. It’s more Robert Smith meets an indie-punk aesthetic, but whatever it’s distilled as or boils down to, let me say, vehemently…it really friggin works.

I’ll be looking into their past some more but more importantly…forward to their future. After listening to their old Dead Air 7-inch, I can safely say, once they keep at it, expect awesome things!

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