Watch: “CRHC – The New Generation” (DIY Hardcore documentary)

It’s Saturday, you’re sitting on your computer.  Let’s face it, you ain’t got shit to do.  So here’s something to entertain and educate you for 30 minutes.  It’s a brief DIY documentary on the DIY hardcore scene in a small town in Portugal called Caldas Da Rainha.

The documentary showcases the small but passionate and dedicated new generation of hardcore kids in the town Caldas Da Rainha located in Portugal. With interviews from the very youngest fans of the age 16 to the more experienced ones of the age 28 it creates a interesting perspective on hardcore music and lifestyle. It also gives the word to the female part of the scene which is really active in Caldas Da Rainha and shows their point of view on this often under looked subject in alternative music. The documentary is for both fans of hardcore music and those who don’t know anything about it and want to gain a little insight on this different and often misunderstood lifestyle.


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