Daydream (members Hear The Sirens & Restless Hearts) stream acoustic EP “Everything Went Quiet” (free download)

Oakland, CA’s Daydream have released a brand new acoustic EP titled “Everything Went Quiet”. The  3 track EP includes a cover of Against Me’s “Joy” and can be downloaded for free at their official website (stream it below).

Scott Goodrich had this to say about the release:

“Once the three of us started playing together, we knew right away what we wanted to do. We wanted to play loud. We wanted to play fast. If something didn’t have that natural energy to it, it got left behind.

But those songs didn’t always start out that way. They’re written on an old ’63 Gibson acoustic guitar in my apartment, with the blinds drawn in total silence. There’s an eerie “calm before the storm” feeling in those original moments before I bring the rest of the guys in to hear. We wanted to put these songs out as that same feeling, as the three of us are just now starting to record our first LP together in 8 years.

We’ve included a new song exclusive to this, an old song you’ve never heard done right, and a cover of Against Me!’s “Joy”. There are many special moments associated with that band, including when my dad bought me a pack of Mike’s Hard Lemonade to drink when I was 16 before going to see them play. If you haven’t already, I encourage you all to chase down their music right away.

There’s a fleeting moment after the loud amps turn off, before the ringing in your ears start, where everything goes quiet. When that happens, take that quick moment to remember that place in time. It’s a great, peaceful feeling.”

“Everything Went Quiet”, and their first release “Promise You”, can both be downloaded for free here.

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