Daytrader contemplating playing shows once again

As it turns out, the fellas in NY-based emo act Daytrader never considered themselves “broken up” despite the numerous press reports stating otherwise. In a recent Facebook update the band not only confirms that they never officially (that’s the key word here) broke up and ask if anyone would be interested if they started playing shows again. Naturally, the post garnered lots of “likes” and comments.

No updates have been posted since, but this could be a sign that the world has not seen the last of Daytrader. We’ll keep you posted if any new information surfaces.

Daytrader released what was thought of as their only album, Twelves Years, in 2011 via Rise Records. The band’s members have gone on to perform in acts such as Heartless Breakers, and Some Stranger, or, in some cases, returned to Crime In Stereo.

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