DS Exclusive: Fat Mike finds sobriety, trades NOFX for P90X

In one of the more startling revelations in the almost three years that Dying Scene has been up and running, NOFX frontman Fat Mike took to the Twittersphere yesterday to announce that he has been sober since turning forty-five earlier this year!

FatMike_of_NOFX (9:28:02AM): Meeting at the Alano Club this AM. Getting my 60 day chip! Seems strange

FatMike_of_NOFX (12:28:07PM): See…I told you. Haha: yfrog.com/mggkebaj (DS Note: here’s the picture so you don’t have to click through).

But Fat Mike wasn’t done yet. Later in the day, he revealed that he had to take a few unplanned days off from pre-production on the new, still-publically-untitled NOFX album for a rather peculiar reason:

FatMike_of_NOFX (4:12:82PM): No studio time for me today. Week 9 of P90x starts today. Getting my ass kicked by plyometrix…no whips/chains/leather involved haha

There was a lot more where those came from, including a back-and-forth with some fans. Click here to read the whole exchange.

Congrats on getting clean, Mike! Maybe a non-condescending re-cover of Minor Threat’s “Straight Edge” will follow?

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  1. FUCKFUCKFUCK4/4/2012 1:41 PM | Permalink

    April fools! Fuck you all i’m on drugs!

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