DS Exclusive: “Fat Wrecked for 25 Years Tour” Q+A with Joey Cape and Jake Kiley

A couple weeks back, we brought you the first installment of a Q&A session with bands that’ll be part of this month’s “Fat Wrecked For 25 Years Tour” in celebration of the silver anniversary of now legendary Fat Wreck Chords. The first installment included the members of Swingin’ Utters, toyGuitar, Bad Cop/Bad Cop and The Flatliners. Check it out here if you missed it.

Today is official tour kickoff day, which is a perfect time to present to you Round #2, this time featuring Jake Kiley from Strung Out, and the one-and-only Joey Cape. Check it out below.

The “Fat Wrecked For 25 Years Tour gets under way tonight in Boston. The tour’s lineup features the likes of NOFXStrung OutLagwagon,Swingin’ UtterstoyGuitarThe FlatlinersBad Cop/Bad CopMasked Intruder and more depending on your location. The ragtag bunch of misfits that comprise your friendly, neighborhood Dying Scene editorial staff agree with the positive vibes about the “Fat Wrecked For 25 Years” tour, and will be out in full force at various different stops on the tour. Check out the full rundown of “Fat Wrecked For 25 Years” tour dates here!

1. First things first. There are a number of Fat Wreck releases that often get credited as being one of the “first albums to get me hooked on punk.” What was the first Fat Wreck album you remember getting hooked on, and what was it about the album that sucked you in?

Joey Cape: Propagandhi “How To Clean Everything”. I know it is not one of the bands favorites or their hardcore fans favorites but, at the time we were on tour with NOFX and headed to Winnipeg where Propagandhi are from and they were to join us on the bill. Fat Mike had their record and played it for me. Listening to it made me excited to meet the band. It just made sense to me musically at that time in my life. It was current and original in many ways. I still think of it as a great record.

Jake Kiley: That would have been “Duh” from Lagwagon. I was and still am amazed by the energy and arrangements on that album. The guitar playing was the next level and Derrick’s drumming still gives me the chills!

2. Tastes obviously change over the years. As you look back now, gun to your head, what’s your #1 “desert island” Fat Wreck album? Including compilations is kinda cheating, but it’s technically okay.

Joey Cape: Well, if compilations are excepted, I would without doubt choose The Tony Sly Tribute. I love every song on it and I think all of the renditions are complimentary to Tony’s writing and maintain the bands aesthetic. It’s a diverse and long record.

Jake Kiley: That’s a tough one, I can never pick a favorite song or album, but I’m gonna go with the Mad Caddies “Duck and Cover” for its variety and killer songs.

3. Most underrated or unfairly overlooked album from the Fat Wreck catalog? (Hint: It’s Screw 32’s Under The Influence Of Bad People, isn’t it?)

Joey Cape: Hmmm… not too me. Haha. I would have to choose an Honest Don’s release. In hindsight all of the Honest Don’s releases were really just Fat releases before Fat had the courage to branch out sonically without a subsidiary labeling. My choice is the sole release by The Other “Self Titled”. I love that record so much and I am pretty sure it did not sell. Great musicians and catchy songs.

Jake Kiley: That’s easy, Guns and Wankers “For dancing and listening” (Editor’s note: That makes three votes for “For Dancing And Listening,” easily the most votes any release got!)

4. Band you’re most looking forward to sharing the stage with on the Fat 25 tour?

Joey Cape: That’s like choosing between your children. Haha. Can’t do it. I am excited to be on a bill with all of them.

Jake Kiley: Propagandhi, even though it’s only 1 show. It will be our first time playing with them.

5. Band from the Fat Wreck catalog, past or present, that you wish were joining you on the whole tour?

Joey Cape: If I had to chose just one- No Use For A Name. But it would have been awesome to also have the following bands on the trip- Against Me, Rise Against, Propagandhi. There are of course, many others

Jake Kiley: Mad Caddies

BONUS QUESTION: Which member of Masked Intruder is most likely to get caught rifling through your bunk first? (Editor’s note: unanswered bonus questions will default to “Intruder Yellow,” because seriously…that guy…)

Joey Cape:

Jake Kiley: That damn cop!

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