DS Photo Gallery: Cro-Mags, Living Eyes at Thee Parkside SF

The night before was Less Than Jake and Reel Big Fish. Tonight was Cro-Mags. Quite the stark contrast – I was excited to see the NYHC veterans tear up the tiny Parkside in San Francisco. Trouble at the door prevented my entry until after opening band, Domination’s, set. I finally got in at the tail end of Pure’s set, with the requirement of no-flash photography. ‘Twas going to be rough shooting.

Domination hails from San Jose, CA and plays a true sound of modern hardcore/metal. The band recently released their EP “Bonded by Misery”, which you can listen to here.

Northern California-based Pure was next to the stage. The band released a new single “Holding Strong” the night before the show, however there appears to be nothing on their bandcamp page. I’ll just drink a beer and smoke a cigarette while waiting.

Oakland’s Living Eyes was tasked with warming up the crowd for Cro-Mags, and they performed impeccably. To get an idea of what the band is all about, you can check out their track “Show Me Blood” here. At this point the venue was getting pretty full, but still room enough for me to run around with my camera. I should’ve cherished these moments ‘cuz there would be no more free movement once Cro-Mags took to the stage.

I guess I took too much fresh air, because as I attempted to get into position minutes before Cro-Mags came on, I was confronted with the reality that there was nowhere to go. The venue was literally spilling out into the merch/food area. This wasn’t going to work for me, so I pushed until I couldn’t push anymore, coming to rest in a little corner wedged between a guitar case, an amp, and a fat dude. I stayed in that spot, unable to move at all in the sardine can that was Thee Parkside. Cue drum roll, next bass line, enter John Joseph. “World Peace” began the night and it was mayhem from the first snare snap. I could’ve sworn they were going to open with “We Gotta Know”, but they saved that til the wee last song. Lost a bet, but happy I was able to see a bunch of material from “The Age of Quarrel”. A short 45 minute set was all the fans and the band could really handle, so an early, but far-from-calm, night was had.

Check out all the shots from Living Eyes and Cro-Mags below.

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