DS Photo Gallery: DOA, Ruleta Rusa, Isotope Thee Parkside SF

Jello stopped by to see ol friends DOA

It was a night of hardcore – of crust, grit, and distortion – at Thee ol Parkside this past Wednesday night. Canadian punk veterans D.O.A. were set to headline, with locals Isotope and Ruleta Rusa opening the crowd.

I feel like I have seen the guys in Isotope many times before at random local shows in the past, but I have never seen them perform. The band plays a classic style of 80s D-beat punk, mixed with modern hardcore energy. The band is fast, in your face, and sloppy (in a good way). You can listen to a sample of some of their work here.

I have seen Ruleta Rusa several times before, and whenever I see them on the bill, I know it’s going to be a gnarly show. Vocalist Jose is one of those frontmen who drive the energy of the crowd by leading by example. He’s all over the place, jumping, screaming, throwing fists, and getting as close to fans as possible. I love this kind of punk music. It’s out of control yet guided, predictable yet not, and the vocals are my favorite type of grit and grime. The band recently released their “Lathe Cut” 7″, which you can listen to here.

The time had come for the British Columbia punks DOA to regale us with good ol punk rock lullabies to round out the night. I have seen the 80s legends only once before, so I was definitely excited to see what they had to offer. DOA is in the process of releasing their newest album “Hard Rain Falling”, and of course shared some new material with fans. But it wouldn’t be a DOA show if the band didn’t sample heavily off of their legendary album “Hardcore 81”, which they did to everyone’s delight. This is truly one of those iconic, timeless, top 50 best punk albums of all time, and to see the aging Cannucks rock it like they did 30 years ago was really a treat to see.

You can have a look at all the shots from the night’s sets below.

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