DS Photo Gallery: Johnny Madcap & The Distractions, toyGuitar, Dirty Denim, Clashing Steel at Thee Parkside SF

The time had finally come. toyGuitar and Jack and Miles and Brandon were gonna kill it! The band had performed a couple weeks before at the Fat Wreck warehouse (which I missed!) video here)), and I was super stoked to see them. I’ve been a fan of One Man Army since god knows when and Jack’s vocals are something dreams are made of.

First to the stage was San Francisco-based Clashing Steel. The band released their debut album at the show, and sampled heavily from the new work. Fast but twangy, bluesy, rocky, with a definite punk edge and lots of distortion, Clashing Steel was the perfect opener for a night of punky rock. You can check out the band’s new album here.

Dirty Denim is a band that seems to show up everywhere. The all-girl trio loves to be on stage and you can tell. I love watching these ladies rip it up! Their guitar riffs and Katie Rose’s howls and solos are awesome! Close your eyes and get taken to your happy guitar place. There’s a kind of beach noise to the band, kinda poppy and head-shaking with this kind of 50s/60s air hanging over, but there is a darker, edgier side that shines through. You can listen to some songs from their setlist here.

Tonight’s show was meant as toyGuitar’s record release show. The band’s debut album, “In This Mess”, was released a few weeks earlier (January 27th) through Fat Wreck Chords, and now was the time for the world to enjoy the beautiful sound of toyGuitar, live. I was in a state of elation when the boys took to the stage, and the set was kind of a blur of positive feelings. The band played a lot of new material from “In This Mess”, which is one of the best new albums to be released (in my opinion). As much of a fan I am of One Man Army, this is not One Man Army. The anxious guitar, melodic yet gritty vocals that have characterized Jack Dalrymple’s career don’t take a back seat at all, they are just seen in a different light, but toyGuitar is definitely a lighter version of Dalrymple’s grit and edge. It was awesome to finally see them live, and I can’t wait for the next time!

Johnny Madcap and The Distractions were the headliners for the evening, but after toyGuitar my heart was full. The band definitely has a rock-y, Elvis Costello thing going on. The music is fun, lighthearted, and easy to dance to. The band rounded out their set with their popular single “Bad Decisions”. What a great end to a positive night.

You can have a look at all of the night’s photos below.

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