Fireworks comment on new material

Yeah, it’s been almost exactly a year since Fireworks released their last studio album, but they recently announced that they are writing new material for a possible EP or new full-length studio album. They state:

“From the Interview We’re trying to figure out the release we want to do next. Whether we want to do an EP or something like that. As of now, there’s no set plans. But we have been writing. And we do have a little bit of time off between now and Warped Tour and we’re going to use that time to write. [..] We’ve kind of got to the point where we’ve established ourselves a little bit; have a decent fan base. We can’t over saturate ourselves by touring too much. And we are older now so we have to take other things into consideration. We have to weigh the pros and cons of doing certain tours and not doing certain tours. Before, we were ready to do anything that was offered to us. We could be touring more but some stuff wasn’t worth it to us and some stuff we just didn’t want to do for whatever reason. It’s not necessarily a purpose thing, but if we play each major city four or five times a year, people are going to start getting sick of it. And we would over saturate ourselves.”

Gospel was released May 24th on Triple Crown Records and it is the third release from Fireworks.

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