French melodic hardcore skatepunks The Fatswines have a name-your-price EP you need

Ever since I started writing for, I’ve been exposed to a lot of rad European takes on the EpiFat sound. The Fatswines are the newest on my list of European bandcamp purchases.

Their latest EP, “All The Fatswines,” is name-your-price on bandcamp. It’s definitely worth a listen, and if you like it, be a champ and head to their bandcamp page and throw them some Euro funmoney. In the meantime, check out “All The Fatswines” below.

Just be nice and don’t tell them that the plural for “swine” is “swine.”

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  1. mandy-b
    mandy.b11/19/2017 3:15 PM | Permalink

    Hi! thank you for this review, Daron!!
    And sorry for the misspelling, we’ll correct that asap!
    About news, if people here come by Toulouse on the 15th december, we’ll be on stage at the Cave a Rock.
    See you!

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