GWAR and Weird Al Yankovic featured in cartoon “The Animated Tales of GWAR” (yes, it’s as ridiculous as it sounds)

“Funny Or Die”, the comedy video site established by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay’s Gary Sanchez Productions has released an animated cartoon (or GWARtoon, if you will) featuring those animals (or mutants, I suppose) in GWAR!

The plot of the nine minute video revolves around GWAR frontman Oderus Urungus losing his desire to raise hell, and instead becoming interested in playing educational children oriented music. While all of that’s going on, the rest of the band must travel to Antarctica to obtain the cure for Oderus’ odd behavior.

You can watch the video, which also features GWAR’s songs “Bring Back The Bomb” and “Happy Death Day”, along with a guest appearance by Weird Al Yankovic, below!

GWAR’s latest album “Battle Maximus” came out in September on Metal Blade Records.



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