Interview: Rome Ramirez talks new Sublime With Rome and solo material, roots and more

Hey reggae-punk fans, we were able to pin down Rome of Sublime With Rome for a quick Q&A that you’ll probably want to check out.  We were able to get some answers as to what we can expect on his upcoming debut solo full-length, when we can expect a new Sublime With Rome album and a whole lot more.

Check out the interview below.

1. Sublime With Rome has only put out one album. What made you decide to try out the solo stuff so soon?

Well it has always been my intention to release Sublime With Rome music first then my solo music after so I can bounce from one to the other every album cycle.

2. Based on your latest single “Terrorista” your latest solo material isn’t the standard mellow, acoustic singer/songwriter stuff that all the other front men seem to be doing these days. If anything it sounds a bit more punky than what you did on your debut EP. What can fans expect in terms of style from your upcoming album?

Terrorista is the perefect look at what the rest of the album sounds like. The album sounds nothing like the “Dedication” EP and I made that a point.  I really felt like what I was doing around the “Dedication” EP time was nothing very challenging or lyrically meaningful and that bothered me. So I decided to start fresh and write/produce everything myself.

3. How do you decide what song ideas to use for your solo material vs. Sublime?

Typically when I’m with Eric in the studio we do things together so immediately it’s already a SWR song. But in the instances where I come up with something really awesome without Eric there, I tend to just have the intuition of what the finished song is going to sound and perform like so I make the decision accordingly.

4. You announced in a previous interview that Sublime With Rome would be putting out a new album at the beginning of 2015. Have you guys started working on new songs already or will that start on your upcoming tour together?

Eric and I are always working on music whether its together or separate. We have some really cool starts and unique ideas for the next SWR record.

5. At the end of 2011 original Sublime drummer Bud Gaugh left the band to focus more on his family. How much did Bud contribute to the song writing process and how do you think this will affect the new Sublime With Rome album?

Bud was not very involved in the recording process for “Yours Truly”.  Much more of a cut-his-part type of band member, which is fine because Eric and I are very hands on so it allows for us to just kind of wander. It is to my understanding that Bud has always been that way. I do not see it having any negative affect on the band. If anything Josh Freese can help add something new and fresh to the next album as a writer!

6. Before joining the fellas in Sublime did you consider yourself more a fan of reggae/ska or punk rock?

I have been and always will be a die hard fan of both. Not so much together because I feel like its mainly all recycled and hasn’t been done unique in a while. But if I had to choose I have always found myself to be more involved in the punk/rock side of lifestyle and music style.

7. Going from Sublime fan to Sublime singer must have been a dream come true. If the same exact thing would have happened to you with a band other than Sublime who would it have been?

Haha good question. Probably Tom Morello from Rage Against The Machine. But I love to sing so maybe… Weezer?

8. Favorite Sublime with Bradley song? Why?

“Burritos” cuz its fun to play on guitar.

9. Favorite Sublime with Rome song? Why?

“Paper Cuts” because its fast and furious.

And that’s all I got.  Thanks for taking the time to chat with us, Rome!

Rome recently released a music video for “Terrorista” off his upcoming album.

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