Introducing New Punk Band: Exit 17 (full EP stream)

New Paltz, NY isn’t exactly well known for its gigantic punk scene, but that doesn’t mean it’s completely barren either. Following in the footsteps of acts such as  NO and 16 Hundred Pound Pig comes Exit 17 (it’s probably important to note that 16HPP vocalist Jimbo plays drums in Exit 17; hey, it’s a small scene).

With a rough and destructive sound that’s reminiscent of both older acts such as the Germs and more modern bands including Choking Victim (and the entire Crack Rock Steady scene that’s come since), Exit 17 plays in a way that makes old school sound new again.

You can stream their demo EP, fuck!, below. If you dig what you hear, you can also download a couple of old demos from between 2011 and 2012 (including rough versions of the tracks that appear on fuck!) over at their ReverbNation page.

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