Justin D’Addario starts Rock ‘N Roll school in Uganda

Some stories are too cool not to share. Retired army combat engineer Justin D’Addario (Powder Keg) started a school in Uganda that teaches people, who live in extreme poverty, to play rock ‘n roll. From a DIY space, locally trained volunteers are teaching their peers guitar, bass and drum. The people in Uganda really seem to love bands like The Ramones, Bad Religion and Green Day.

On the 25th of August the volunteers for ‘Rock ‘N Roll Uganda’ are throwing a benefit at the Bungalow Manchester (NH). All info on the event can be found here. If you like to dig a bit deeper into the project, this is the place.

Justin and his people also made a small documentary on the beautiful project ‘Rock ‘N Roll Uganda’. Head down below to check it out.

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