Kendal Fortson (ex-Stabbed In Back, Glitter Dick) releases statement regarding disappearance

Yesterday, we reported that Kendal Fortson (currently in Glitter Dick, formerly of Stabbed In Back) had been reported missing by his band mates, friends, and family members. Since that news surfaced, Johnny Wilson (The Gamits bassist / owner of For The Love of Punk) has been contacted by Kendal. Johnny had the following to say:

“Our post has gotten a ton of attention and Kendal to come out of the woodwork to see that people were in fact very worried about him. He has contacted me (Johnny) directly and gave this statement. So although we don’t know his whereabouts, he is okay and now contacting those that were frantically trying to find him. Bottom line is he didn’t want to be found, but all I can say is that our community pulled together and made a difference in bringing this to a conclusion.”

Here’s Fortson’s statement:

“Having nothing left in Albuquerque I had decided it was time to move on and thought ‘sneaking away in the night’ would be a possibility, but having been alerted to the panic that was caused by trying to leave in such a manner I am just setting the record straight that I’m fine but on the road to try and find what the next chapter in my life will be.”

So, that’s a wrap, I guess. Good work, team! Over and out.

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