Kid (Adicts drummer) comments on World Inferno incident

A couple of weeks ago, we reported on an incident involving World/Inferno Friendship Society frontman, Jack Terricloth and Adicts drummer, Kid. The story included a statement from Jack Terricloth himself, claiming that Kid punched him in the face, subsequently leading to WIFS being removed from the duration of the tour.

It felt odd that Kid didn’t release his own statement so Dying Scene went on the prowl, and in the middle of Punk Rock Bowling, found Kid himself. As luck would have it, I stumbled upon him midway through the re-telling of the incident to his nephew ‘Luke Ramone’. When asked what happened, Kid responded with, “I’ve got nothin to say.” I prodded, reminding him that Jack had released a statement, and I would just like to hear his side of it.

Read what happened here.

“Let him release [statements].” Kid barked back. “I don’t release statements, I don’t even go on the internet. I don’t own a phone so it don’t fuckin’ bother me.” I kept digging. “But there’s always another side.”

“Well I didn’t hit him,” Kid insisted.

DS: “So what happened then?”

Kid: “Nothin’, just a mindless…like…get out my way. Like I said it’s nothing personal with him, and all that, it’s just a minor little thing where I said get out my way, and it could’ve been him or anybody. He would’ve punched me. I was trying to get backstage and get a drink. It’s nothin’ personal, they’re a nice bunch of kids. He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

“You know the best part of it is (with a smile) – I don’t watch the internet, I don’t watch the media, and I don’t give a fuckin’ flyin’ piss.”

At this point I was told, that’s enough, and my recorder was turned off. After this, Kid went on to explain that it wasn’t necessarily the “incident” that led to WIFS being removed from the tour, but more so the dramatics that occurred afterwards. This included a “representative” for Jack coming to The Adicts dressing room demanding that Kid go apologize to Jack.

So here you have it. Some sort of both sides to the story. Now it is up to you to figure out the real truth!

Stay tuned for more news and photos from Punk Rock Bowling including live sets including The Adicts, as well as a contest for Best Mohawks of Punk Rock Bowling!

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  1. BEANO6/2/2012 1:52 AM | Permalink

    Mark your a prick. If kid actually hit jackoff Dont ya think Jackoff would be in hospital???? Show some respect you childish cyber warrior. Who gives a F*ck about World shitty infernus. The Adicts are a Great Band. & Your a Jealous envyious little cretin. I hope that cleared things up for you.

  2. Dianna Luvitz6/2/2012 2:15 AM | Permalink

    I think Kid said it all. Nothing happened. Everyone knows that They were thrown off the tour because of Jacks behavior & his passion for prescription drugs. A dillusional Tweeker is a bit much to deal with.The guy can’t help it his band members hate him. Why should the Adicts make a statement? I was once a Inferno fan. Thank You for introducing me to the Adicts.

  3. Trez6/2/2012 2:58 AM | Permalink

    Who the Fuck are World incestuous anyway. I went & saw them supporting The Adicts & they were certainly not relevant to anything to do with punk rock or even rock. Dreadfull band. Kid rules he doesnt have a cell phone ot anything how cool is that. & It’s honorable he couldn’t give a fuck. I know if I was in the Adicts I wouldnt give a flying piss as kid says. It really looks to me like this Jackoff guy is a complete liar & it makes sense now. He cried wolf & has been caught. Rock on Kid Dee. You are a Legend & I raise my glass to you. & If you ask me World Inshitable should have never been on the tour Because they are shit.

  4. yalla-yalla
    Yalla Yalla6/2/2012 12:29 PM | Permalink

    Speaking of clowns, I have something funny to point out here about all this. Obviously, there has to be more to the story from both parties but it appears to me that the above posters Beano, Dianna, and Trez are the same person posting comments under different names and “characters”. I do not have any problem with anonymous posting but I just wanted to throw that out there for anyone here that can appreciate botched trickery! Its either that or I’m wrong and all these Adicts & ex-World Inferno fans went to the same bad grammar school where they each learned to capitalize everything very, very strangely. Just compare them all and check out the last post by Lazershark on the punknews article:

    As Kevin Costner said : Back…and to the left. Back…and to the Left.

    I went to the Boston show and Monkey playfully used the same names to refer to Inferno as “World Incestuous, etc” so this poster isn’t all that original. It seemed all in good fun though but looking back, maybe not? In conclusion: this is either an “Adict” that does watch the internet, a touring crew member, a friend, a fan, or all/none of the above….posing as different people with different backgrounds.

    In any case, as a representative of The Adicts speaking about “liars” trying to deceive people, I’d say That you Just made your team Look even Worse!

    6/02 was an inside job,

    – James Garrison.

    PS – Speaking of drugs, what was Kid on when he stormed Off stage in Baltimore that night? & where The heck can we get Some!!??

  5. yalla-yalla
    Yalla Yalla6/2/2012 1:53 PM | Permalink

    Maybe it was whoever wrote the bulk of the following page? Or maybe its just a UK thing?

    On a nicer note – I saw the Adicts went from this tour, drove all the way across the U.S. and went straight into a studio to record new songs. Impressive. Bands I’ve torn with are exhausted after just a weekend and they are 20 years younger. I wonder if they have all the theatrics & props in the studio or at practices. I sure hope so. Either way, looking forward to new music from both of these bands.

  6. yalla-yalla
    Yalla Yalla6/2/2012 1:55 PM | Permalink

    torn/toured. Seems like my grammar ain’t no good neither.

  7. CaptainCoomey6/3/2012 10:09 AM | Permalink

    Punk rock high school. Bleh.

  8. sara benjamin6/3/2012 12:04 PM | Permalink

    anyone can be a drunk sloppy jerk. everyone involved, including we the readers, know that. we all know people do dumb shit while wasted. so if jack was being unkind or in the way, that doesn’t mean kid can just “dismiss” him so he can go grab a drink. a gentle push, a hip check, a punch, or even an unkind word. all of it’s just rude. who hasn’t been to some punk show or party where two drunks kids start pounding on each other [not in the sexy way] for no good reason and then spend the rest of the night on the curb with their arms around each other sobbing “i love you man” into each other’s shoulders? these boys just happened to have many other people involved, and business shit too [touring IS a business, no matter what the punks pretend] and i’m sure all the extra factors and stress kept the issue from resolving itself. also, egos exist on both sides. everyone has an ego. everyone has held up some dumb argument because they just didn’t want to give in. so it’s just drunken drama between two dudes. like we see everywhere, all the time. shit happens. move on.



  9. Jerry6/4/2012 12:47 PM | Permalink

    This Jack sounds like a cry baby. Me thinks he needs a good spanking. & he calls himself punk hahahahahahahaha.
    Kid Dee sounds like he meant what he said & Nothing happened.

  10. Jerry6/4/2012 12:51 PM | Permalink

    You seem to be taking this all very personal?

  11. sxe-oddiist
    sXe Oddiist6/11/2012 4:15 PM | Permalink

    Your comment is absolutely true.

  12. wilford brimley7/9/2012 11:44 AM | Permalink

    if dude was pushing through trying to get a beer before he goes into detox then why not just say “sorry mate” and be done with it? Drama ass bitches, pathetic all of them.

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