Mark Wahlberg to produce film based on Coheed and Cambria vocalist’s comic series

No shortage of strange news this hot Monday morning. For those of you not familiar, Coheed And Cambria vocalist/guitarist Claudio Sanchez is also the author of a successful comic series called “The Amory Wars.” His work has been picked up by none other than actor/director/producer/writer Mark Wahlberg, who will co-produce a live action film based on the comic.

The series revolves around a superpower couple, aptly named Coheed and Cambria, who make attempts to take down an evil, also superhuman warlord named Wilhelm Ryan. While anticipation for Wahlberg’s project has exploded since its announcement at Comic Con, the Dying Scene staff would like to note that no amount of awesome comic live-action superhero movies will ever let us forget about this.

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