Off With Their Heads at Beauty Bar (PRB Kick-Off)

The first ‘action’ of Punk Rock Bowling was the club shows that took place on Friday night around old downtown Las Vegas. Some acts to kick off the weekend included Cro-Mags, One Way System, Naked Raygun, Church of Confidence, Poison Idea, The Freeze, and Off With Their Heads (to name a few). After meeting up with some of the other DS crew, we headed to the Beauty Bar to see the OWTH show. Mind you, I had no tickets for any club show the entire weekend, and I didn’t miss any that I set out to see.

Entry into the OWTH show was relatively painless, but that’s where the smooth night ends. After gaining entry and taking a couple of shots, I ventured side-stage to get a better perspective. I have been at the Beauty Bar many times in the past, seeing great acts like Chris Murray and Chuck Ragan, and I’ve never encountered a problem with any security there. This night would be grossly different.

After being informed that I was not allowed to be side-stage, I accepted defeat and went back to join the hoi polloi, but not before offering our vile-breathed bouncer a little breath mint to help his situation. He, however, was not accepting of this gesture of kindness and proceeded to nicely ask me to leave (ie aggressively push me out the back door of the venue). In my surprise, I decided to snap a photo of this kind bouncer for a souvenir. Again, said bouncer did not appreciate this gesture. The show was still going on so I fancied my chances and attempted re-entry.

Success! The front door/back door communication was devoid, which played to my benefit as I strolled back into the venue to continue my photography mission. I was back in for only a brief moment when I was found out by Mr. Stinky Breath who was even nicer this time in his request for me to leave. Since he hadn’t accepted my initial gift of breath mints, I thought I would offer them up through air delivery (ie throwing them at him through the fence). This got boring soon, so I was back to the front door for a third (and previously unheard of) re-entry attempt. Whadya know…it worked. At this point I decided to try and fly below the radar and just enjoy what was left of the show. I found some friends and regaled them of these recent events.

Apparently I was talking with my hands too much, to the disturbance of the meathead and plastic trophy next to my friends. Aggro was near and my luck for the night was coming to an end, so I left on my own volition the third and final time, to retire to the Golden Nugget bar and prepare for the days ahead.



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