One Week Records (Joey Cape) officially launches today with release of Chris Cresswell’s (Flatliners) solo album

We’ve been writing about Joey Cape’s new record label One Week Records for a while now but today it has officially launched with the release of 2 albums.  One is the debut solo release from Chris Cresswell, singer of The Flatliners, and the other is a solo album from Brian Wahlstrom.  For those of you that don’t know, Walhstrom is/was in the band Scorpios, which is/was a sort of side project with Cape, Tony Sly and Jon Snodgrass.

Here’s the cool and unique thing about One Week Records:  Joey calls up a buddy and convinces them to come live at his house for a week. In those seven days, the two of them will crank out a ten-song album. Participants in the One Week experience sleep, eat, shower, collaborate and generally live with Joey, as together they capture ten visceral, honest, no-frills recordings on Joey’s home studio. At the end of the week, the guest is given a sharpie and told to draw an album cover. The digital files then become available on the One Week site for five measly bucks. Boom. It’s quick, it’s fun, it’s cheap and it’s all done in house by the Caper.

You can download both Cresswell and Wahlstrom’s albums here.

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