Page Hamilton talks about new Helmet album

In a recent interview, Helmet guitarist/vocalist Page Hamilton revealed some details in regards to the band’s long-awaited new album, which is expected to be released around the spring of next year. He stated:

“I have some new songs written already. I just finished a movie score, and also in the last six months simultaneously I’ve been mixing my movie soundtrack stuff from the first three movies I did for these people and we’re just trying to set a release date now. It’s just called Page Hamilton Movie Music Volume 1. That’s gonna come out sometime this year. And then we’re gonna record a couple of songs before we go to Europe to get our feet wet again and get going, because it’s been too long. Like I said, I’ve scored these four movies since we did the last album and I’ve kept busy at that, but I’m really, really jonesing for new Helmet songs. I’m so happy with Seeing Eye Dog that I wanna do another record with this lineup and everybody’s stoked. So, we’ll probably, realistically, get in and record the rest of it in January and then figure like a spring release next year.”

Helmet’s most recent album Seeing Eye Dog was released in September 2010. The band is currently on tour with Filter and Local H, and will be touring Europe in September, where they will play their 1994 album Betty in its entirety.

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