Punktendo: Nintendo games revised to include Fat Mike, Danzig, Milo, Mikey Erg, Masked Intruder

Animation storyboard artist Jeff Hong has reworked a number of classic Nintendo games to include punk rockers as characters and address social issues. Some of the highlights include “Super Mikey Erg!” (The ErgsStar Fucking HipstersWorriers) and “Fat Mike’s Golf” (NOFXMe First and the Gimme Gimmes).

Check out the full list of games included in this project below, head over here to play them on the project’s website.

“Super Mikey Erg!” (The ErgsStar Fucking HipstersWorriers, etc.)
“Milo Fu” (Descendents)
“Fat Mike’s Golf” (NOFXMe First and the Gimme Gimmes)
“Mega Danzig” (DanzigMisfitsSamhain)
“M.I.’s Alley” (Masked Intruder)
“Duckless Hunt”
“Gay Popeye”
“Racist’s Alley”

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