Scott Russo and Wade Youman trash stage after Unwritten Law’s set gets cut short

According to recent reports, some bad shit happened during Unwritten Law‘s set on the final night of the Hits & Pits tour at Capitol & Amps in Perth, Australia on Sunday, May 18th.

40 minutes into the band’s set, the venue told them it was time to wrap things up because, according to Capitol booking agent Jeff Haley, “liquor licensing laws strictly prohibit any noise after midnight.” Despite this, the band continued to play and promptly had the power cut on them.

And that’s when tempers (and drums) began to fly, with founding members Scott Russo and Wade Youman smashing the venue’s backline drums and The Casualties drummer Mark Eggers’ cymbals. Don’t believe me? Watch the video below.

It’s also worth noting that the band was apparently being a bunch of dicks throughout most of the tour. One of the many people to comment on the aforementioned video of Scott and Wade smashing up drums that didn’t belong to them stated:

“UL were contracted for 45 minute sets as the subheadliner for the tour (Strung Out headlining) but at the first show in Brisbane they demanded an 80 minute set, went on stage late and went over their 80 minutes. Strung Out refused to headline anymore after that.”

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