Sumerian Records releases two music videos filmed in the remains of CBGB for some reason

Two new music videos just came in from Sumerian Records, one for “Draemings” from Dying Mountain, and the other from “I See Stars” by Youth; each one depicts the band playing on the ruined stage of the legendary CBGB. Now, if you’re wondering why you’ve probably never heard of either of these groups before, that’s because they’re definitively not punk! Don’t get me wrong, “Draemings” is actually a pretty cool electro-pop tune (the less I say about “I See Stars” the better). But something tells me that if these folks tried to get on the stage back in the day, things would have gotten ugly.

Now, the mythic status of CBGB and the bands it brought to light almost goes without saying. And, who knows, maybe these guys really did look up to those days. But this strikes me as something really insincere, like just using the CBGB name and slapping it onto your music video to get some attention. Still maybe I’m over-reacting. At any rate, you can check out the videos below.

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