The Blendours (pop punk) streaming new mini-album – “The Band”

Iowa pop-punk/power-pop group The Blendours are now streaming their latest acoustic album, The Band. Listen to the entire album (inexplicably as one 15-minute track) and buy it (which I’m guessing will come as separate tracks?) below.

These seemingly nonstop music-generating machines last released the acoustic album Nothing To Dude just 3 months ago. According to their Facebook page, a “full band full length album thingy” from The Blendours is recorded, and should be available soon. Check out the tracklist below.


1. it came from the radio
2. back home with mommy
3. never loved you
4. number one
5. lost in walmart
6. now that he’s gone
7. better than you
8. i wanna be unemployed
9. stupid mouth/take you on a ride
10. a girl like you
11. i’m a super saiyan
12. partially blind
13. hypochondriac
14. darn sweet me
15. living at my girlfriend’s
16. song about you

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