The Offspring’s Noodles talks about the 20th anniversary and success of “Smash”

This past April marked 20 years since The Offspring released their third album Smash, which broke the band into the punk rock mainstream, and remains the best-selling independent record of all time. To further commemorate the occasion, guitarist Noodles talked to Ghetto Juice about the 20th anniversary and success of Smash. When asked if it was safe to say that Smash “put the Offspring on the map”, Noodles stated:

“When we were recording Smash, Ignition had sold 50,000 copies and the first record probably a thousand so we were hoping to do more than 50,000 with Smash. What was cool about that is it changed our lives. What we did for a hobby and fun became what we did for a living at that point and we all got to quit our day jobs and do this full time. We also decided to stay with Epitaph and do it independent and spend a lot of our own money and use a lot of our own resources for promotion, which was kinda unheard of at the time, especially for a record this big. A lot of bands once they start getting big, they switch to a major label and use the label’s resources. It’s also the number one most selling independent record of all time and given what the internet has done to music sales, it will probably stay that way!”

Noodles also offered his opinions on going from a local band with an underground following to a platinum selling band after Smash. He stated, “Yeah, wow! Because the first ten years, we didn’t really have a fan base. I don’t think we ever drew more than 50 people and then Smash came out and changed it all. All of sudden we were drawing hundreds and then thousands. What was cool about the punk rock scene at the time during the early 90s after Nirvana was we started getting more and more of the surfers, skaters and snowboarders. Epitaph was really smart in lending a lot of our songs to those sort of videos and not just us but Pennywise, Bad Religion, Rancid and NOFX. I think that music just kinda worked with those sorts of videos. It was cool to see all the extreme sports guys, it wasn’t just punkers with mohawks, it was boarders!”

The Offspring are currently unsigned, but have reportedly been working on new material with producer Bob Rock. Their last studio album, Days Go By, was released in June 2012 on Columbia Records. The band will release a special edition of Smash in mid-August on their former label Epitaph Records.

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