Tim Timebomb streams “Corazon de Oro”

Prolific solo artist (with friends), Tim Timebomb, has released a new song, “Corazon De Oro”.  He said of it,

“Back in 1998, Rancid were trying out something different. We asked a handful of musical friends to collaborate and we recorded in various places; Jamaica, New Orleans, NY, LA.. and that experience became our Life Won’t Wait record. We invited Greg & Alex of Hepcat, Roger from Agnostic Front, Dicky from the Bosstones, Buju and Dr. Israel to take part in our new record. Up until then, we really hadn’t involved guest vocalists. We’d never done that before. The Bivona’s and I recorded this acoustic version of Corazon De Oro. We hope that you dig it.”

Tim Armstrong, former Rancid singer, has been releasing a new single every week under the handle Tim Timebomb since December 2012 on Hellcat Records.

You can listen to it here.


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