Thieves announces co-headlining tour with No Tide

Last week, Austin pop punk band Thieves embarked on a West Coast tour of the US for the next couple of weeks.

Today, the band has announced an additional, co-headlining tour with Nebraska indie/punk No Tide, which will begin on September 2nd in Oklahoma City, and will traverse around the center of the US. You can view a complete list of tour dates and locations below.

Thieves released their most recent EP, “Colorchange”, on June 3, 2014. They have reportedly finished recording their next album.

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You Blew It! streaming “Punker Than Thou” off upcoming A.V. Club singles series

Florida progressive/emo/whatever band You Blew It! is streaming a new track entitled “Punker Than Thou”.

The song is previously unreleased, and will premiere on A.V. Club’s latest “Singles Club #6″ 7-inch series.

Have a listen below.

Additionally, the band will be heading out on tour with Sorority Noise and Microwave around the Southeast and East Coast of the US, dates and locations of which can be seen here.

You Blew It!’s last release was EP “Pioneer of Nothing” which came out this past January on Jade Tree Records.

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Album Review
Album Review: Self Defense Family – “Heaven Is Earth”

Self Defense Family is more of a collective than a band, and their releases can be seen as artistic expressions rather than just albums.  Yet on their newest release Heaven Is Earth, they show that they still put out some of the tightest post-punk/post-hardcore today.  While the musical experimentation and poetic lyrics are as prominent as ever, the band is able wrap everything up in nice little song structures that make this an eclectic but cohesive listen.

The album comes across very light in tone musically, with airy and reverb heavy guitar throughout, but vocalist Patrick Kindlon has enough angst behind his voice to make the whole thing still come across as aggressive.  Songs like “In My Defense Self Defend Me” and “Basic Skills” feature a multitude of instruments playing seemingly simple lines that give the songs complexity in how they come together.  The guitar riffs and drum parts may be looping over and over in some parts, but the arrangement and how each part is built on top of each other demonstrates how strong this group of musicians is at crafting songs.

Heaven Is Earth also sees Self Defense Family trying out some new styles and giving more prominence to things they’ve hinted at in the past.  “Talia” comes off with a very strong folk vibe with its western sounding guitar and lots of harmonica.  “Prison Ring” and “Dave Sim,” with their dark and spacey tones, are great examples of the band showing off more of a post-punk vibe on this album.

Kindlon’s vocals and lyrics are as emotional and haunting as ever, but what really struck me while listening is how they are so well mixed in with the rest of the music.  It feels more like another instrument to serve in the wall of sound they create, rather than the leading force of the songs.  I really like how at times it can be hard to hear the vocals, as they are low and kind of mixed in the background, and other times they are more prominent.  This always seems to match the feel of the songs.

I’ll admit I’m relatively new to Self Defense Family, and what drew me to check them out was my growing personal appreciation of and interest in post-punk.  What I found here is something more though.  The band celebrates experimentation and complexity built on top of simplicity, and it’s all done in a very captivating way.  Longtime fans of the band are sure to love this one, and if you are new to the band like me, take it for a spin and bask in its chilled out glory.

4/5 Stars

Frank Turner releases lyric video for new track – “Mittens”

Frank Turner has released another new track off his upcoming album, this time in the form of a lyric video. Check out “Mittens” below.

The song is track number six on Turner’s new album, Positive Songs For Negative People. The album is due out August 7th, and you can pre-order it right here.

Frank Turner’s previous full-length release was 2013′s Tape Deck Heart, on Interscope Records.

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DS Photo Gallery: Rocky Votolato, Dave Hause and Chris Farren at Great Scott (Allston, MA)

It’s becoming increasingly easy to pigeonhole artists in the ever-expanding “former-band-frontman-turned-solo-songwriter” movement, particularly in the punk scene and its various offshoots. To think that all artists in that category are interchangeable, however, is not only lazy pseudo-journalism, but an error of Herculean proportions. Nowhere is that more apparent than on Rocky Votolato‘s co-headlining tour with Dave Hause, currently crisscrossing the lower 48 with opening support from Chris Farren. The evening proves to be a powerful exercises in the differences in style and nuance that the three troubadours take to get through to, and with, their respective audiences.

Farren kicked off the Boston stop of the marathon six-week tour a scant fifteen minutes after doors opened at Allston’s Great Scott as the sold-out crowd was still filling in. The luxuriously-haired Floridian has built himself a rather rabid, vocal fanbase through his Fake Problems career, as well as through his own solo work and his playing Batman to Jeff Rosenstock’s Robin (or is it the other way around) in Antarctigo Vespucci. His half-hour set on this evening culled from the catalogs of all three projects inciting not only vocal assistance from the crowd but from the world’s loudest restroom hand dryer on more than one occasion. (Seriously, if you’ve ever been to Great Scott, what the hell is up with the hand dryer and how has it not opened a rift in the space/time continuum?) Even if you’re not familiar with Farren’s volume of work, as was maybe the case for half of the crowd on this particular night, the punk rock celebrity’s wit and self-deferential sense of humor have a way of disarming the concert-goer, pulling you in to his circle.

Hause rode shotgun on this particular night of the co-headlining tour. Hause made mention of the stylistic differences between himself and Votolato in a recent interview with Philly’s WXPN, and hit the proverbial nail on the head in doing so. Hause’s East Coast, blue collar, punk rock roots shine through loud and clear in his newer career as a solo artist. Ever the dynamic frontman, even when performing alone or accompanied only by his fifteen-years-younger brother, Tim, as he has been in most solo shows over the last couple years, Hause’s dynamic stage personae grabs the listener by the throat and pulls your attention toward stage center. The current tour marks the end of the road for Devour, Hause’s stellar, critically-acclaimed 2013 Rise Records release. Admittedly performing this run alcohol-free for the first time that he can remember, Hause has started teasing new, still-unnamed material on this tour, with the new material demonstrating that Hause has not only moved on from Devour but from the seemingly heavy time period that prompted its writing and recording. Hause seems to be in a lighter, more jovial mood this time through, telling a good natured (though also self-deferential) story in which his brother was mistaken for his son at a local falafel shop earlier in the evening. On their last time through Boston, the younger Hause was just starting out in his role as accompaniment for his older brother. Tim has made strides in both performance and presence over the last eighteen months, and Dave let his younger brother’s guitar stylings take center-stage on more than one occasion.

Rocky Votolato assumed the show-closer’s role on this particular evening (the duo are switching off, though not necessarily alternating, headlining duties). Votolato has settled in nicely to a more traditional independent “singer-songwriter” role. His voice and guitar work are somewhat more delicate, though no less poignant or powerful, than Hause’s, opting more to compel the show-goer to listen rather than forcing you to do so. Armed with his road-worn yet impeccable-sounding 1964 Guild acoustic, performed an hour-long set that wove its way through the bulk of his eight-album solo career. Votolato is currently touring in support of April’s Hospital Handshakes (No Sleep Records), an album that, in many ways, is Votolato’s first anthemic-sounding rock record. When stripped down, many of the songs (most notably the title track and album-opener “Boxcutter”) seem more haunting on an emotional level than their traditional arrangements, and thus fit nicely into the Votolato live, solo canon. While they’d still make for a stellar full-band show, the solo acoustic take made for a special, splendid performance.

Check out our photo gallery below. You really should check out this tour as it weaves its way back toward California. Check out details here, baby! Come on!

Faces Turned Ashen debut music video – “Oh How That Dead Man Danced”

Iowa punk act Faces Turned Ashen have a new music video out for their song “Oh How That Dead Man Danced.” You can watch it below.

The track is off the band’s latest album, also titled Oh How That Dead Man Danced. Faces Turned Ashen self-released the album back in April. You can grab a copy from the band on their Facebook page, or on iTunes.

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Del Lago release new music video – “Dog Days”

Melbourne punk group Del Lago have a new music video out for their song, “Dog Days.” Watch it below.

The track is off the band’s latest EP, Broken Words, which is due out next week (August 4th) on Whisk & Key Records. You can pre-order the vinyl right here.

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Rise Against announce more tour dates with Killswitch Engage, letlive.

Rise Against have announced a second U.S. leg of their current tour. Check out the dates/locations and tour flyer below.

The band are just about to wrap up the first U.S. leg of their tour with Killswitch Engage and letlive. After that, Rise Against will head to Europe for a couple weeks before coming back to resume the tour in November.

Rise Against’s last release was July 2014′s The Black Market, on Interscope Records. Killswitch Engage released Disarm The Descent via Roadrunner Records in April 2013. letlive. last release was The Blackest Beautiful, which came out in July 2013 on Epitaph Records.

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Slipknot announce U.S. tour with Suicidal Tendencies and Beartooth

Although we don’t cover Slipknot on Dying Scene, the iconic nu metal act just announced a short U.S. tour in October, which features Suicidal Tendencies and Beartooth as the supporting acts. The dates and locations are below.

Slipknot’s latest album, .5: The Gray Chapter, was released last year through Roadrunner Records. Beartooth’s debut album, Disgusting, also came out last year. Suicidal Tendencies have reportedly been working on new material for their follow-up to 2013′s 13.

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DeafHeaven release trailer for upcomming album “New Bermuda”

San Francisco Metalcore group Deafheaven have just released a minute-long trailer for their upcoming album “New Bermuda”. This comes as the first piece of news from the band since they switched to ANTI- Records, having released their previous work via Deathwish Inc.

The trailer is actually kind of beautiful in a weird way. It combines slow shots of an ocean with a slow and moody acoustic guitar riff, before breaking down into heavy drums and guitar, cutting together shots of the group in complete synch with the music. You can it out below.

“New Bermuda” is due to be released sometime in October. Deafheaven’s previous album, From “The Kettle Onto The Coil”, was released in August 2014, via Deathwish.

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The Rubs (garage pop punk) stream new album, “The Rubs Are Trash”


The Chicago based outfit The Rubs, have released a stream of their latest LP, “The Rubs Are Trash. Mixing some fast poppy beats with a really nice lo-fi sound quality, this is definitely something worth checking out. The album was released on July 20th, and can be bought on Bandcamp for a measly $7.

Check it out below.

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Forest Pooky and Peter “Blackie” Black announce split EP “European Tour 2015″

Acoustic punk musicians Forest Pooky and Peter “Blackie”Black (formerly of the Aussie band The Hard On’s) have just announced a new split EP, “European Tour 2015″. Check out a preview of the album below.

Blackie and Forest will depart on a 7 week long European tour in support of Europe Tour 2015.  Dates will take place in France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Holland and the UK. The full tour listing is expected soon.