Class of 86 release head scratching music video for “Phase Change”

I’ll be the first to admit I have no idea what the end of this music video means but I was intrigued for the entire thing. It comes from The Minneapolis punk Class of 86 for their tune “Phase Change” and if you dig shredding, technical skate punk you’re gonna dig the tune. Check out the video below.

“Phase Change” appears on the band’s most recent release Future On Fire which came out in 2014 through Paper + Plastick Records.

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3 hot punk chicks wreak havoc on city streets in new Man Overboard music video for “She’s In Pictures”

You don’t even have to appreciate pop-punk music to enjoy the latest music video from New Jersey pop-punk act Man Overboard. Watching 3 hot punk rock chicks kicking ass and generally wreaking havoc in a city street setting is pretty entertaining no matter what type of music its set to. Check out the official music video for “She’s In Pictures” below, you won’t be disappointed.

The tune appears in Man Overboard’s brand new album Heavy Love released yesterday through Rise Records.

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Album Review
EP Review: Freya Wilcox and the Howl – “Bareknuckle Love”

After falling in love with an American who was visiting in Sydney, Aussie blues singer Freya Wilcox decided that it was time to leave Brisbane, Queensland and venture halfway around the world to New York City to pursue her heart as well as her dreams. It wasn’t long after arriving that she found a place on various small stages around the five boroughs, a far cry from the dirty stoops where she performed for roughneck Australian miners. It was on one of those stages at The Ding Dong Lounge in Manhattan that friends Craig Shay and CJ Dunaieff from Long Island  first saw, and more importantly first heard, Freya. They instantly knew that she had a unique sound that lends itself to punk and approached her after the set. From that chance encounter, Freya Wilcox and the Howl was born.

Fate has a funny way of intervening just when it’s needed. Female fronted bands are on the uptick and most of them are in a similar vein. Not that it’s bad, but it’s always refreshing when something slightly askew comes along. The band’s debut EP, Bareknuckle Love, melds blues, country and punk all together in equal parts. It really is genius how they have kept the balance in line, so much so that the end product is something totally different and miles away from the genres it takes from.  The album has the raw, unproduced sound that you don’t normally hear from  traditional studio recordings. You can hear it in the drums throughout, but it’s most apparent in opening track “Bury Me”. The fact that it’s a three piece is perfect too. It leaves Freya’s surly, aggressive vocals nowhere to hide. Her sound has been likened to fellow Aussie Brody Dalle. I can hear it in spots, but overall it’s much softer. I wouldn’t say it’s delicate, but definitely not as savage as Dalle.  More like a grittier Janis Joplin. It’s not just her voice that stands out either, she’s been playing guitar ever since her mom finally caved and bought her one after years of begging every time they drove past the local music store as a toddler. The guitar riffs have an unmistakable country twang that weaves effortlessly between the rock and blues. The distinct sound is showcased in “Easier To Lie” which sounds like it could’ve competed with Johnny Cash for the top of the country charts in the 1960’s.

The overall tone of the album is fast, raw and unpolished. The one exception is “Dirty Song” which is definitely the song with the most blues influence. Sullen, hollow and winding. Slowly building up to a crashing chorus. I think they probably describe themselves perfectly through what they list as their influences: “Filthy blues, vintage punk and fever dreams.”  I don’t know that I can say it any better. It’s exactly what your brain is subconsciously categorizing it as in head from. It takes you a second for it to set in because you don’t have a point of reference, but eventually you wrap your head around it. That aspect is exactly what is going to take these guys farther than just the damp, dive bars in NYC and sure as hell farther than a dusty stoop in Queensland.

3.5 / 5

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Music Video: Running Like Lions – “Rose Mystique”

Brazilian melodic hardcore band Running Like Lions released a video for their song “Rose Mystique” which comes from their upcoming 4-way split Azimute (Rallye, Running Like Lions, Horace Green & Plastic Fire).

Check it out below.

Azimute is set to be released later this year through Burning London Records.

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Treason This (pop-punk) offer new single “Moviegoers Dilemma” as free download

Wisconson pop punk act Treason This just released their debut EP Always Perfect and to commemorate the release they’re giving away a free download of the release’s first single “Moviegoers Dilemma.”

Stream and download it for free below.

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Joey Cape announces One Week Records fall North American tour with Brian Wahlstrom & more

Lagwagon frontman Joey Cape has announced a One Week Records fall North American tour featuring artists such as Laura Mardon, KJ Jansen (Chixdiggit), Walt Hamburger, Brian Wahlstrom, Betty and the Boy, and Jo Bergeron. Check out the list of dates and locations below.

One Week Records is Joey Cape’s newest endeavor. He brings musicians in to his home studio for one week to record stripped down, honest versions of 10 of their tunes.

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Sledding With Tigers announce “Space Jam” themed album, stream track “Take It From Me, Michael Jordan”

California folk-punk group Sledding With Tigers are very excited to announce their “Space Jam” themed album, “Come On And Slam” will officially be released July 28, 2015 via Antique Records and is available for pre-order here.

Sledding With Tigers mastermind Dan Faughdner had this to say:

“Halfway through this process, I think I really started to regret ever telling anyone that I would write an entire concept album about Space Jam, but now, I’m actually pretty stoked on it. I think I might be the only person self-centered enough to take the plot of a 90s children’s movie, and end up writing a bunch of songs that are secretly about myself. I really hope people like it, but the most important part is that my friends and I had a ton of fun making it.”

You can stream the first single “Take It From Me, Michael Jordan” here.

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Red City Radio strip down “In The Meantime…” and “Electricity” for Punks In Vegas

Oklahoma City punks Red City Radio sat down this week with Punks In Vegas to film acoustic versions of their tracks “In The Meantime…” and “Electricity.” Check out the videos below.

Both songs are off the group’s self-titled full length, which was released April 21, 2015 through Staple Records.

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“A Fat Wreck” launches 2nd indiegogo campaign, announces test screening in San Francisco

The fine folks over at [open-ended] films have launched a second Indiegogo campaign to fund the finishing touches on their punk documentary “A Fat Wreck.” Check out the new pitch video below and donate to the cause here.

A test screening of the film has been announced for Sat, August 22nd at the Roxie Theater in San Francisco. The screening is a private event but funder passes can be obtained via a perk in the new Indiegogo campaign.

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The Doped Up Dollies release first ever single “Make Your Own Sunshine”

Big D & The Kids Table backup vocalists have taken to the front of the stage as The Doped Up Dollies and are excited to share their first single with you! Check out “Make Your Own Sunshine,” off the group’s upcoming debut album “The New Way Out” below.

We will keep you posted as pre-orders and an official release date for the album become available!

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Music Video: Sass Dragons – “Cup Overfloweth”

Reunited Chicago punk rockers Sass Dragons have premiered a music video for their new song ”Cup Overfloweth”. You can watch the video below.

“Cup Overfloweth” is taken from Sass Dragon’s upcoming album True Adventure, which is due for release later this year, and will be their first album since disbanding five years ago.

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Carcass to embark on “Deathcrusher” tour with Napalm Death, Obituary, Voivod and Herod

Iconic grindcore/extreme metal act Carcass will embark on the UK and European “Deathcrusher” tour this fall with Napalm Death, Obituary, Voivod and Herod. The dates and locations are below.

Carcass bassist/vocalist Jeff Walker on the tour, “Off the back of touring the U.S. with Obituary and Australia and New Zealand with Napalm Death, we thought it would be cool to combine both tours into something special…and given that Napalm Death had just toured the U.S. with Voivod, why not invite them also along for the ride?

Carcass has wanted to do a Euro tour for a while now, we’ve been looking for the perfect opportunity, and this is IT!

Save your pennies for the heaviest tour of the fall and see it LIVE before it gets uploaded to YouTube on low-quality camera phones!”

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